Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tips and tricks for playing Hotel 626...

For those who haven't tried hotel626. Go.. now.. ehehe.. come back here if you get stuck....

First and foremost you must have flash. Then you can check in to the hotel by signing up. hehe...
anyway here it is: 

Level 1 - Only by confronting your darkest fears can you find the light.
This level is easy... just watch it and you'll get to the next level. It's just a movie.

Level 2 - One is not like the others.
In this level you are running on the hallway with lots of door. Look for a door that is different from the others. Just click on the door to enter. The last time I play the door have a red light beside it. You must be fast though before the dark shadows eat you up.

Level 3 - She lives in darkness, Show her the light.
This level you are required to take picure of the girl who runs around in the dark room. Again you must be fast you only have 9 shots I think. Try to get her picture when she is not running. Just keep on trying it is quite easy.

Level 4 - just in time
Well this level is quite the same with level 2. But this time you are running down the hallway. Be fast. Run down the stairway and just before you reach the bottom or when you see the dark shadow thingy click on the door. 

Level 5 - Sing me a lullaby.
Hoho.. This level really freaks me out. haha.. There are 2 variation in this level one is when you enable your mic and the other is of course when you disable your mic.

Mic enable - You will have to actually sing a lullaby for the demon spawn hell child in order to keep it from waking up. Make sure you sing it not to loud and not to soft or else it'll wake up. 

Mic disable - when you disable your mic it is quite tricky. you'll have to play a music box for the demon spawn hell child. Move your mouse around to play the music box. Again watch your speed or volume. The faster you move the mouse the louder the music will be. Watch out for the noise meter. You'll have to go through the lullaby twice to pass.

When you see the child is starting to get restless and move around slow down or else.....

After you put the child to sleep get out from the room. But queitly. Move your mouse left and right and try to keep your balance by looking at the ball icon. Make sure the ball icon is in the middle. Go to far to the left or right and you'll make loud footsteps and fall. SHHHH!!! 

Level 6 - helpless.
you are helpless you can't do anything right? just watch the movie. 

Level 7 - He knows the way.
This is the trickiest part for me. In order to get out from this room that will drive you insane, you'll have to listen to the damn creepy voices. The voices will say three words correspond to pictures on the wall. Count the red part on each picture. Enter the three number on the keypad to exit

Level 8 - Find yourself a way out.
The key to this level is just like what the wording says. If you have webcam enable earlier then you should be looking for a pic of yourself hanging on the lines.

Click out your face to get out of there. There's a time limit to this so you better be quick. Click on underneath the pic to go to the next row.

If you disable your webcam then no worries just find a snapshot pic of the hallway you ran before. click it to start.

Level 9 - Answer and you'll have the answers.
 Just listen to the directions and you'll be save. Easy rite?

Level 10 - Your check out time is now.
Congrats you made it out alive or did you?

There's nothing to do in this level except watch the cut scene.

That's all you need to do......

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hotel 626

It is rumored to be the scariest place on the web!!! 

Is it????

Check it out yourself.... Hotel626

It is a game not for the faint hearted of course and it can only be play start from 6pm to 6am. (You can play it earlier of course simply by resetting the time on your computer arond 6pm-6am.) I like to play it in the middle of the night with the lights of and earphone for better sound. Haha. Its pretty funny to capture my own reaction while playing this game....  Go to hotel626 if you dare......

*if you already played the game before or after you have played the game. Let me know what do you think about the game? Is it good enough to make your heart jump out from your body?? ^_^*

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Double Trouble..

Trouble #1

On my quiet afternoon today reading books and imagining things (haha)... Suddenly there's someone knocking on my door....

kok..kok..kok... *I'm trying to imitate the sound of some1 knocking..ahaks*
I open the door and there's a lady there smiling at me..

me: Yes?? (i put on my best smiling friendly face)
lady: uuurrmmm.... can I ask?
me: yes? (my head start to wonder)
lady: Is this room got one people or two.
me: urrmm... one.( I wanted to lie and say two but my mouth seems to misintepret the signal my brain send)
Lady: Oh..(seems very happy) Can I move in here? 
me: aahhh.. ok la... (i'm torn apart.. want to say no but yes but no but yes...*damn)
Lady: Hehe (smiling widely now) Thats nice... I want to move here instead of Rambai. So far and my room suppose to be at 4th floor. So high......
Me; hehehe.. ya.. lo.. 
Lady: So, do you have extra key?
Me: ermmm... sorry no... (Actually I do have but I'm too reluctant to have a roomate now)
Lady: hurmmm.... could you duplicate it for me... I will tell the hostel people later that I'm moving here...
Me: oh ok.. When do you want to move in? Cause I need to clear some of my stuff....
Lady: Urmmmm... Thursday la..
Me: So okay then....

There goes my no roomies again story. Now I have roomate. Not officially until this thursday. I'm not sure I can handle it though. Its been so long since I have a permanent roomate. My roomate only stays for a week or two then they blast off. hahaha...

We did exchange phone number and I gave to her the extra key later this afternoon. So much for the duplicating thingy... haha.. (Sorry I didn't mean to but it just slipped off my mind and I said it accidentally) Then, I met her again while I was doing my laundry.

Lady: hey....
Me: Hey... (smiling again)
Lady: are you malay? 
Me: No. I'm Dusun. 
Lady: .....(look confuse.) So u can eat....
Me: Oh... I'm a Christian.. (Now I know what she means)
Lady: hahaha... (half smiling half laughing) If Christian then sure can eat pork la.. hehe 
Me: ....(I just smile and laugh with her)

So much for the drama.. I clear her part of the room today... clearing stuff from her table and closet. ARghhh.... my room feels smaller now.... *I'll get use to it somehow..sigh*

Trouble #2

My neighbour came running to me and almost burst my door. She came running from her room and land on my messy bed. I was shocked. I asked her why?? Here's the another news that surprise me today. The practicum list is out and guess what. I still get the same school.... Where?
SK MINDEN HEIGHT of course... I was in hot water while i'm there last semester and yet I still have to go there.... arrgghhhhhhhhhhh......... another nightmare.... 
here's my some of my experience in SKMH

Well it is not that bad of course. The school is near and I'm use to the school environment. I know some of the teachers and students there advantage to me of course. But still it sends goosebumps to me to hear that I am going there again. I don;t know why. Maybe I;m just still nervous about this whole practicum thing. My surpervisor is Mdm Chew Ping Ping. I don't really know her yet but I hope she can help me a lot and I hope my friends who are going to the same school as me will give me enough cooperation to deal with the school and also the parents of course.

My happy no class tuesday was ruin today with all the news. So I guess I'm going to bed early today. Hope I don't have nightmares...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Have you ever imagine?

Have you ever imagine that you are talking on the phone with the one you love and care about and then suddenly .... VY&%@$%^%F&*..... the line went dead... What will you think? How will You feel? 

This what my colleague went through last monday. He was talking with his dad on the phone. His mom and dad is on their way back from sending his brother to school or college.(i'm not sure) Then while having a conversation with his dad. Suddenly there's a loud bang and tyre screeching. And the rest is history. His parents car was hit by another car from the nearest lane. Sadly enough it is not his dad who cause the accident. The car that hit them actually collided with another car on the right lane. When the car skidded to the left it hit his dad car. He is helpless and can't think of anything. All he can do is just wait a call from someone for he can't contact his parents anymore. When he got a call. They told him that his dad was gone and his mother is in critical condition. He drive back to his hometown the same day with some of my other colleague to accompany him. 

Today I saw him in class with dark circles around his eyes and his face is not as bright as he always do. The pain that he been through are reflected through his eyes. Eventhough he smiles and act normal but we all know he is still in the process of recovery. I heard that he will go back to his hometown again. Because his mother is still in critical condition with few broken ribs and the rest I'm not sure myself. 

Thursday, January 15, 2009

From an old world view- to a new.. *cont ..part 2..

Read this!!! It is a long article but worth reading it... 

*esp for teachers/teacher to be/people who think everyone can teach easily/hehe sepa2 pun buli ba*

'I am the future's child'

In my secondary courses, we will study the effect on the world's environment of human activity like transport - trucks, aeroplanes, ships, but especially family cars. every newly developed country wants its own car industry, and every middle-class family wants to own at least one vehicle. Yet car emissions are changing the climate patterns around the world; our cars are changing other people's weather.

Half billion people in Asian countries are muddle class like me, and they have the same consumer patterns and the same attitudes as the middle class everywhere in the world.

By the time I am in my twenties, world oil population will decline because the known stocks of fossil fuel are being exhausted. Power stations as you know them will not last for much longer. After next decade, world demand of petrol will be going up while the production of oil is going down. Where does that leave me?

There will be urgent international action in my lifetime to limit the size of the world's population. When we entered the twenty-first century, there were 6 billion people alive in the world. A hundred years earlier, at the start of the twentieth century, there were jus t 1.6 bilion people on the planet. Almost exactly that number of the present population live in absolute poverty; and only one billion of the world's people can be confident of having three meals a day.

By the time I am 30 years old, world grain production will have become a problem. China alone will need to import around 370 million tonnes of grain annually, yet in 1995 the entire world exports of grain amounted to around 200 million tonnes.

In my lifetime, the world's super-cities could become almost unliveable, the home of only the chronically poor who do not have the personal resources to move out of them. In 1950s, when my grandmother was born, only two cities in the world, London and New York, had more than 8 million inhabitants, and each was called a megalopolis. I 2015, there will be about thirty-four such cities, half of them in Asia. 

When I get to secondary school, the old confrontation between capitalism and marxism will be largely over, as well as the so-called industrial economy which produced it. The re-aligning of politics and parties is resulting in new political processes and coalitions actoss the world. Politics, parliaments, and governments will look different from what they are now.

I am told that this year there are in the world 190 million malnourished children under the age of 5; half of the, live in South Asia. By the time I am an adult, there will be at least the beginnings of a world-wide social welfare scheme, to which my country will be required to make contributions in money, personnel and facilities. The 'basic human needs' to be target for everyone in the world include:access to at least primary school schooling; access to health care; clean drinking water; satisfactory sanitation; immunization of all children; access to family planning services universal adult literacy; elimination of severe malnutrition; adn radically reducing maternal mortality (death in child-birth)
to be continue...

Beare, H (2001) 'From an Old world-view to a new' Creating the future school, Routledge Falmer, London pp11-12.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

From an old world -view to a new.

Read this!!! It is a long article but worth reading it... 

*esp for teachers/teacher to be/people who think everyone can teach easily/hehe sepa2 pun buli ba*

'I am the future's child'

Hullo. I am Angelica. I am 5 years old. I really don't have much of a past. In fact, I am the future.

You need to understand what I am learning to believe, how I think about my future, what my world-view is. You and I both want me to be a success in the world which I will enter as an adult and which I will be responsible for. In future days I will admire you for being able to look forward with me and to help me define what I need to learn.

My world is already different from the one you have grown up in. On present life expectancy figures, I will live until I am over 80. So I will be alive and well in the 2070s, and my children will live to see the twenty-second century. Can you even imagine what the world will be like for them?

Only three of every hundred babies born this year live in developed countries. So wherever I live or work, I will certainly be mixing in a multi-national, multi-cultural and multi-faith setting, and white people could be the ethnic minorities. I will have to think about that when I prepare for a job.

During my lifetime, a planet-wide economic system will operate, controlled not so much by big nations as by big bussiness networks and by regional centres of trade like Singapore, Bangkok, Mexico City, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Buenos Aires and sydney. By the time I am 30, there are in the whole of the South Pacific, Including Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

The Asia/Pacific area will be a strong focus of my world. China already has a population ten times of Japan, and nearly half a billion Chinese re under the age of 25. The Asian continent (from India to Japan) already accounts for half the world's population. A Hong Kong bank advertises now, 'There are three billion people in Asia. Half of them are under 25. Consider it a growing market.' Those under 25s are my contemporaries. They will be very aggresive in a number of ways, good and bad, over the next few decades. 

It wil not matter what nationality I have, because my world is smaller, people move about, and most workplaces will be internationalized. My world is likely to be borderless. I will have acces to the world economy through overseas. I will spend holidays in China, visit South America often, and I will work for periods in Africa. I will probably be employed in an internationally owned firm, and it is likely that in my home we will speak Japanese, Korean, Spanish, English or Chinese as a second language.
to be continue........

Beare, H (2001) 'From an Old world-view to a new' Creating the future school, Routledge Falmer, London pp11-12.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

No roomies again. *Phew*

Yesterday is the registration day for new students. So I may have roomate this time but still no roomate for me this semester. Lucky Me! cause I can have the whole room for me and it is good for my ever growing collection of things i have here. This is my final year in this college and my stuff here are more than my stuff i have back home. Hahaha..  I have the habit of keeping things that i rarely use or don't use anymore. (Don't blame me this habit runs in my family. :p) 
Second week after school reopens but i still haven't finish unpacking my things even worse some are still in the store room which is now where the new KPLI students sleep. Pity on themla... but they have to move out after 1 week orientation plus their allowance is double our allowance. So let them suffer for a bit.... *hehehehe*with evil grin**...

Since I don't have roomate. I talk with my stuff... *EEhhhhh..Nande???* cos my baka'ness level is HIGH...


Hey Mr.BIntanG. I can hear beyonce singing from you. "If I were a boy...." Then suddenly.... @#$#$&%(#*&& some chinese song I don't know... Then again... AAHAHHHAHAHHAHhhhhh... some tamil song .... Arrgggghhhh I'll poke your eyes Mr.Bintang.....  

huhahahaha..... Mr.Bintang is my radio. I don't know what's happening to him but he kept on changing the radio station. Makes me want to poke his eyes even more to change the station of course... *mcm dlm gua ba sni ni... radio pun pndai sot2 pa lg line tlepon pun pndai ilang2 jg....*

My DVD collection

This is another bad habit of mine. I can't resist Tesco temptation of selling affordable DVDs ahahahaa... What DVD? here it is........

I laugh at myself when i saw my collection. There's more at home. Since I stopped my gym membership at celebrity fitness these dvds help me to get in shape. (haha kunun la) Exercising is a must in my daily routine cause after 2 months holiday. I gain almost 5 kg. It's the season to be jolly not to be gluttony. But still so many food during the festive season. I'm happy. So I eat. Yay Me!

My Knitting project

Since early December until now still haven't completed this. HAHAHA.

My loyal friend this year

Guess who? It's my Buku Rekod Persediaan Mengajar.Photobucket 
With 6 weeks internship this semester and another 12 weeks next semester i'm sure my hand will go numb writing all those lesson plans. Can't wait to go internship but still a little bit nervous of course. This semester internship will start on february.

CNY is around the corner

Yeap. CNY is coming but im not going back home. I plan to go to KL but then again the bus ticket price is sky-high my plan cancelled. So I celebrate CNY alone again this year. Like every year went to tesco and buy myself a box of mandarin oranges. I still don;t have any plans this coming CNY hols. Maybe i'll just do my open room myself again this year. 

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Shut Up!!!!

All the ladies who are screaming like hell in my hostel block please shut up already!!! It's 11.15pm now... damn!!!!

What's with the screaming thingy?????

like every 2 minutes they went screaming so loud.... and it goes on like forever.... I want to slap all of you.....

arrrrghhhhhhh...... geram...geram.... tia pndai pkir btul...

Friday, January 9, 2009

Sanbiki no saru

Sanbiki no saru which means Three Wise Monkeys. Who are they? Meet Mizaru, Kiwazaru and Iwazaru. 

Familiar with this? I do. But for 22 years and 2 months i live in this world.*haha* I never know what they means. Or should I say I never thought that These monkeys actually bears wonderful meaning with them. Pity me oh kannn.... I only came to know about this during my edu lecture.weeee... thanx to Mr A.Rajoo........ At first when he mention this in class, he told us that Ghandi always brings this three wise monkey statues with him. So I tought these monkeys must originated from India. 

Pity me again. I was wrong. After googling it, I found out that it is originated from china and was popularized in Japan. 

So Mizaru who always cover his eyes means see no evil, Kiwazaru who always cover his ears means hear no evil and the third one Iwazaru who always cover his mouth means speak no evil. There is another one by the name of shizaru who symbolizes the principle of do no evil who may be covering his abdomen or just crossing his arms. But the fourth one is not so famous la.

See no evil, Hear no evil and Speak no evil

or in chinese a similar phrase exists.

Look at not to the contrary to propriety, Listen not to the contrary to propriety, Speak not is the contrary to propriety, Make no movement which is contrary to propriety.

Source: Wikipedia

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Beyonce says if i were a boy........

Then R.kelly says but you are not a boy......

I heard this song just know when I was cleaning up my room. This song is like everyone know how to sing.Hahaha. This remix really funny la ... but ok la. hahahaha.... I can't stop giggling throughout this song...


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Monday Blues.

Phew. I woke up today on the wrong side of the bed and the rest of the day is not a beautiful Monday for me. I woke up in Penang yesterday and yes I woke up early. It’s only 4.30 a.m when I woke up. I open my eyes and started to think where am I? haha. . I know where I am in my hostel room la. Well I am so malas today . That’s the first word came in my mind but even though malas I still have to wake up because it is Monday!!!! I have to go to classsssss………dammmmmmnnnn…… I AM SOOOO MALAS!!! I have to wake up early some more cause I haven’t unpack my things yet. My journey back from kk to penang is so dreadful and I have headache since then that’s why I can’t do anything. (hehehe padahal alas an jak ma)

Iklan jap…. *this is the story of my journey to Penang*(ahahahahaha………….)

On Sunday morning, I reached the airport and wanted to check in and I’m so surprise that the queue for Penang is so damn long and hardly move. Want to know why? Because the air asia only open 1 counter for Penang. It’s nearly 6.30am and the queue is still long. (I’m suppose to fly at 7am) So me and my friend Bolong didn’t want to queue. Why? Cause we know sooner or later the counter for Miri will close and they will open the counter for Penang. Everything went as we predicted …. Hahaha… we manage to check in before all the people who have been queuing for a long time…. WE ARE LUCKY! Yay!.... by the time we check in it is 6.45am but there are still lots of people who need to check in. So sure delay la ba kan…. Haishhhh…. So after saying goodbye to my parents its time for me to board the plane. Yeah. For anyone who had use airasia before it is a tough battle or race to board the plane. Hahaha… Before the gate even open people will line up 20 min or even 30 min before. Sepa cepat dia dapat la kan…. So we also have to bersaing hebat to get in the line… Some people will push and langgar people with their hand luggage. I’m pissed but bersabar jak la. With proper clothes and proper shoes (means no heels haahaha) we manage to get in the plane early. Yay to us again!

During the flight I wanted to buy mineral water but i hesitate so I decide not to. This is the decision I regret so much. After the plane take off I sleep like a sleeping beauty*hahaha* but then suddenly 'jln grabel' in the air (wujud ka term bgitu ahhh?) The plane went through bad whether. At that time my head went crazy its hurt like hell and i have trouble breathing some more... I want to drink but no water... dammmnnnn! *tula sa mo bli air tp pastu kensel na sendri mo tau la* If only I buy mineral water mist sa tia brapa paning tu... So the headache went on until we touch down and until I reach my college.

Okay now it is clear why i can't unpack my things and tidy up my room. hahahahaha... What really bad happen today i fell down today and scracth my knee. *Jatuh longkang kici jak ba... ngingis jg la lutut sa.... tp sakit ba.....* There are more series of unfortunate things happening to me today but i dont want to eloborate more. Nanti more bad luck ba. HEHEHEHEHE.......

*this is a late post.... i repeat this is a late post....*

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Penang here I come!!!

Boohoo... tomorrow i will go back to penang. Not that I HATE IT... but it's going to be a hectic year for me and that's what I hate. 2 more practicum coming and more lesson plan to write, more teaching aids to prepare, more headache to teach little children and more holes in my pocket. *heee duit abis ba p praktikum ni* 

My exam result for last sem was not that disappointing for me after all the last minute catching up with what i have failed to understand before. What? i'm not good in this matrix thingy and it is the part of math that i don't like the most. That's why I always don't pay attention in class. :p 
So this sem maybe i should be a lil more rajin *i hope so n will try my best to do so* 

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!!!!

Goodbye 2008 and Hello 2009!!!

Sure there are bad times and not so good times in 2008 but we should never forget about the good and happy times right? Well like my fortune cookies that i've got says .....

Happy memories are forever. Relive it whenever you want.

New year resolution anyone? for me:

I always have one but this year i'm trying hard to fulfill the previous resolution that i never manage to keep....
Anyway whatever it is, i'm sure everyone wish for a better year ahead and want to improve everything that we are not satisfied with. Some people say no turning back but I sometimes still turn back to look back what I have been through and try not to repeat what I did wrong but what can I do i'm only human. I tend to repeat mistakes. So I wish you all Happy New Year! Have a joyous, wonderful, prosperous, healthy, and adventerous year........
*am goin' back to college on 4th Jan.. :( *