Tuesday, January 10, 2017

I survive

After leaving teaching arena for almost 5 years now i'm back. And I manage to survive the first week of school!

 Hello again Lesson Plans!

Well as a former FasiLINUS I can't run away from year 1 and i was given an English subject. I wanted to reject it at first but being the old me who hard to say no without even trying. I accepted it but the result hmmmmm... I don't even start anything yet its still Transition Week for year 1. But it's super hard for me to speak English in a clear and good articulation. Hahaha... I tend to slur my words and talk super fasssssttttt.

Year 1 Transition week. Some of them can't memorize their fullname. Haha. . talampau pjg nama.

My school have two sessions. Since i teach year 1 and 2 so yeaaahhh i'm in afternoon session! Buli bangun lambatttttt wahahahaha! 

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