Friday, July 31, 2009

Alkisah budak hostel di kuarantin......

*photo courtesy of zaida*

Day 1

Tak ku sangka di kala petang itu aku menerima berita bahawa IPG ni akan di tutup. (nice intro.. ekeke) Tak pernah terlintas di fikiran ku perkara ni terjadi kat IPG aku sendri. Keadaan petang tu jadi kelam kabut. semua penduduk blok pala tak senang duduk mendengar brita itu.
After the warden told us that we can go back everyone start packing their bags and calling their parents to tell they wanna go home. "What about me? " I thought for a second. I want to go back too but the warden says cannot go back by public transportation. hmmmm.... i don't have private jet so i guess i'm gonna stay here then... hehehe....

I cannot go back so if i'm gonna stay here what about food??? the cafe going to be close and we can't go out. (That's what the warden told us la...) So my thought wanders again... What if i call for Mc Delivery everyday... Here's what will happen..

Case 1
*strictly my imagination only*

Once the operator know that my IPG had been closed she will definetly say.." I'm sorry we can't do any delivery today"..... heheheh

Case 2
*strictly my imagination only*

I manage to get through the operator and order my food. But then i got a call from the delivery guy...
"hello miss amy could you please come to the main gate and take your delivery?"
okay so i go to the main gate and saw my food is there on the road.... hehehe.. then the delivery guy call again. i can see him waiting with his bike a few yards away. hahaha. he say "that's yours" Pointing at the plastic bag on the road. " Can you just put the money there and take your things and stand back for a few yards away?"

hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa............ what a wild imagination i have .... gaggagagagaa

Okay back to real story... So i went to tesco after the announcement to buy some food. Then after that my frens bolong and pija ask me to drive them to the airport to buy ticket. We went there but the ticket counter is closed. So we went to Bj the nearest travel agency. Luckily it is still open so they manage to buy their tickets. ME??? no ticket... huhuhu...

-End of day one-

Day 2

Woke up by a knocked on the door by pija.. I forgot that i have to send them to airport. So i get dressed and send them to the airport...

Now... i'm alone.... the hostel nearly empty only around 10 people didn't go back. What should i do??? I sit in front of my laptop and wanders around the internet.. hehehe.. got bored then i installed flower stand tycoon.(it's a game of course) started playin and can't stop.... (buat assignment kunun tp tia jg tebuat)

Then someone knock on my door, it's pao2 my fren from tenom. She didn't go back too. She came to give me two face mask and remind me to wear them if i go out. So very nice pao2..

I continue to play game until i lost track of the time.... i started playing around 3pm and 9 pm suddenly i started trembling... my heartbeat become faster and faster... what's happening??? naaahh am not going to be sick.. it's my body telling me i need my coffea hahaha... (i'm a hardcore coffea addict...) agaaga... i forgot to drink my afternoon coffea that's why.. I pause the game for a while boil water and drink coffea and eat maggie... huhuhu.... Then i continue to play flower stand tycoon again... until my peepers felt so heavy i stop the game and went to sleep...

-end of day two-

Day 3

It's today!!! hehehe

I woke up early this morning. With the spirit to do my research proposal since my suprise holiday will end this sunday. I went to take my shower, clear my table and switch my laptop on. Then someone knocked on my door. It was lee hong, she told me that holiday extend until tuesday... wtf??? is this means that someone is positve with h1n1??? huaaa... scaryy... that person is from which block??? lee hong says maybe from our block cause there's 1 girl was sakit tenat yesterday apart from 2 other who have flu as well.

HMMMmmmmmm that news causes my edu-proposal-making-process officially halted!!!

So, here i am writing .... agagaga....
to be cont.....
- not end of day 3-

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the pandemic flu.... part 2...

IPGM kampus pulau pinang now officially closed!!!!!!

starting from today until sunday...... phew...... kuarantin dlm blik x buli kluar2...
camana ni... mo p bli mknan d luar pun tia buli...

hmmmmm.... part of me says yaaayyyYY!!!! Lesson plan all halted.....huhu... no camp math.... no observation from guru pembimbing... can do research proposal peacefully.... :P

a little part of me .. scared too.. cause my neighbour and some of my frens got flu... temperature near 38 degree... huhu....

what to do??? sit in room only la if like thiss.........

the pandemic flu...

we have block meeting last nite... just to inform us that anyone who have even the slightest fever must report to the warden immediatly for check up....

i thought it was just something silly.... so i laugh... but today i came back from school and found out that IPGM Tuanku Bainun my neighbouring IPG closed for 1 week with 5 suspected cases... wohoooo....

mcm mana ni... kalo IPG tutup internship kana extend lg ka????

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bon Odori 2009


In the midst of my crazy hectic internship, me and my friends went to Bon Odori at esplanade penang. Bon Odori is japanese celebration also called as the festival of lanterns. Yeah it is the time where the girls wear 'kawaii' yukata (it's a light cotton kimono) to the festival like in the j-drama thingy.. hehe.. This celebration usually occurs during the summer and it involves people dancing around the 'yagura' (sort of a wooden stage in the middle)

~the dances~
It's an exciting experience. People walking around in their yukata, goldfish catching, the food (i luv them all but its soooo expensive..), and also there's the haunted classroom. I didn't manage to take pictures in yukata and also i couldn't go to the goldfish catching, people are crowding the place up until there aren't any space to squeeze in... sigh... but i manage to get into the haunted classroom after waiting in line for like 30 minutes. How was it??? hmmmmm... maybe my expectation is too high and expected it to be damn scary but it wasn't .... i feel like laughing the whole way out. hehe.. i guess the ghost is scared of me....-_-

~ Scary me??~
On the way back to our car; which we parked like so far because there's no more parking space near esplanade, we have took a detour and have a photo session ... hhahaa... armed with my very 'cikai' camera we took some pics to kill time... because there's too many car-traffic jam!! Due to the poor lighting and i use iso mode there's a lot of noise in the pics.. but whatever here's some.. Bolong and Pja are the model of the nite.. :p

Photobucket Photobucket
~ experimenting with lines~

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

aaahh... school again..

Internship starts again... Last internship before i get my P license for teacher... now still L...

Morning session again this semester and yay for me for fighting for it.. hope i make the right decision and so far so good. Tomorrow is my first class. I'm going to teach Math year 5. Tajuk yang akan saya ajar pada hari esok adalah Bentuk dan Ruang. (feels funny teaching like that.... not use to it.. hehehe but nvm wat can i do..) In case you are wondering what is "bentuk dan ruang" it's shape and space....

i have 10 periods of teaching for every week. Everyday i have to teach except for Tuesday.. which is today... yay again that is why i'm so free today.. ahahaha.... Well our time to teach only 1/3 from the real teacher but our workload (i mean our assignment) is waaayyyyyyyy too many compared to the previous internship. I'm trying to juggle all the assginment and keep things balance. want to avoid too much stress ... and i'm trying hard to be as organize as i can be... and that is really though.. preparing early... planned for my work... eat.. wash clothes... read books... do research.. complete portfolio's..... hmmmmmm i really need to learn how to organize and stick to plan ...... shiiuuuuu----------------> i got a lesson to plan............

Saturday, July 11, 2009

my result for last sem is out...

OhNOOOO i got C for math.... daaaammmmmmnnnnn.... wTf!!! i screw up big time this time... i think no more golden key student for me this time....

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Haha.. i lost my widget...

i lost all my widget!!! ni la ni... lupa mo save na ini la jd dia... akakaka.. tia pa la buli buat..

making me more lazy to study...

It is Bahasa again but more emphasis will be placed on learning English

Math and Science back to Bahasa and mother tongues
Nay to change

PUTRAJAYA: The Government has decided to reverse the Teaching of Mathematics and Science in English policy and revert to Bahasa Malaysia in national schools and Chinese and Tamil in vernacular schools.

More emphasis would also be placed on English, including the hiring of retired teachers, assistant teachers for bigger classes and having additional periods.

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said this meant that from 2012, students in Years One and Four and Forms One and Four in national primary and secondary schools would study the two subjects in Bahasa Malaysia while those in vernacular schools would be taught in their mother tongue (Chinese and Tamil).

It’s decided: Muhyiddin after the press conference at the Education Ministry’s building in Putrajaya Wednesday.

“We want to have a ‘soft landing’ which is why we will begin only in 2012. This will allow us time to make the necessary preparations,” he told a press conference at the ministry when announcing the reversal of the ETeMS policy or better known by its Malay acronym, PPSMI.

Asked why the ministry was not starting with a new cohort of Year One students, Muhyiddin who is Education Minister, said there was time to fine-tune the policy.

“There is still two-and-a-half years to prepare.

“Some members of the Cabinet made an observation that those in Form Four may be affected but that’s okay because we can still make changes so they continue their studies in two languages,” he said.

Muhyiddin said the ministry would do “whatever we can to make it as soft as possible for these students.”

“This is why the ministry is staggering the changes that will happen.

“It was quite sudden when the PPSMI was introduced previously,” he said.

The PPSMI policy was implemented in phases, beginning with Year One, Form One and Lower Six students in 2003, under former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s tenure.

The first cohort who completed six years of primary schooling and studied the two subjects in English received their Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) results last year.

Muhyiddin said that to ensure the implementation of the new policy did not affect the first batch (who started studying the two subjects in English in primary school in 2003), they would continue to study Mathematics and Science bilingually (in English and Bahasa Malaysia) until 2014.

He stressed that the reason for the reversal in policy was due to objective considerations and not political ones.

“It was based on empirical studies and other specialist reviews,” he said.

Based on studies conducted in 2008, he said, the ministry found that only a small percentage of teachers fully used English to teach the two subjects.

“On average, the percentage of those using English during Mathematics and Science periods was around 53% to 58%,” he said, adding that only a small number of teachers were proficient.

Muhyiddin said studies carried out by local universities found that students’ mastery level of English during the entire policy was around 3% while the level among rural students was low.

“Based on these observations, the Government is confident that Mathematics and Science should be taught in languages understood by students, which is Bahasa Malaysia in national schools, and Chinese and Tamil in the respective vernacular schools,” he said.

On whether the decision goes against Dr Mahathir’s vision, Muhyiddin said he and senior ministry officials had a three-hour meeting explaining the problems faced by those involved.

Taken from:

It's been a long time since i blogged.. but this really makes me want to blog... this news is sad and a very sad one indeed for me... i'll blog more once i finish my math workbook. (which is all about teaching math in english!!!) ..

I don't have any motivation to do my assignment anymore... haish... why la... why... win win situation la... wtH... its hard for us.... Ishhhhhhhh......