Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I can is do this!!!

It’s February and I’m still in adjusting mode. Couldn't’ tune in my mind and body to go training and do zumba in the evening, teach in the afternoon and prepare lesson whenever I can do in between those. Oh not forgetting I need to prepare for zumba class as well. Learning the choreo choosing songs and arrange the song according to the zumba formula. I still fail miserably to clock in to school in time, which is my worst bad attitude that I’m trying hard to change bit by bit.

I guess I’m too much of a procrastinator. I procrastinate too much. Gaaaahhhh.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

I survive

After leaving teaching arena for almost 5 years now i'm back. And I manage to survive the first week of school!

 Hello again Lesson Plans!

Well as a former FasiLINUS I can't run away from year 1 and i was given an English subject. I wanted to reject it at first but being the old me who hard to say no without even trying. I accepted it but the result hmmmmm... I don't even start anything yet its still Transition Week for year 1. But it's super hard for me to speak English in a clear and good articulation. Hahaha... I tend to slur my words and talk super fasssssttttt.

Year 1 Transition week. Some of them can't memorize their fullname. Haha. . talampau pjg nama.

My school have two sessions. Since i teach year 1 and 2 so yeaaahhh i'm in afternoon session! Buli bangun lambatttttt wahahahaha! 

Friday, January 6, 2017

Unpubished Blog post

Miaahahahahahhaha..... unpublished blog post yang suda bertahun-tahun kana parking. I never have the courage to write.. aissseehhh.. hahaha... teda laaaa... it's just that i'm sooooooooo lazy to write. Once I start writing. After two lines, my mind went blank. Hahahahaha.....

It's 2017!

Better start writing again cause' this brain of mine is not forever will remember all the little things that makes me happy, sad, angry and every emotion that makes my life colourful as always.

Happy New Year 2017!