Wednesday, September 8, 2010

owh my brain..

my brain is not functioning well enough to day..
it seems like i suffer from short term memory loss....
i forgot things easily... Just now i tried to check for my interview status ... but i struggle to recall where to chek it... i remember the website colour but i can't remember the name... imagine i google in spa hmmm...not the rite one..haha... then jpa....not even close... hehe... then i try to think again... and again.... then i google suruhanjaya... thanx to google suggestion i manage to recall the website name... it's spp.... dayuuummmm..... how silly is that!...

wish i could choose my memory which to forget and which i want to remember forever... huhu... i wanna get rid of the memory that's been haunting me for years.... you wanna know what is it? you can't cause it's a secret.. :P....

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Singing Again!!!

Holiday started.. and i started it with a singing session with my sister... yeeeehaaaa...

From the bottom of my broken heart

I get so emotional today... it's been a while since i stalked my FB page. But sadly today when i decide to bring back my old habit, (hehehe with devilish grin) I stumbled upon a wall photo posted by one of my friend of friend.
This post or to be more specific what this person said really makes me sad. But maybe someone triggers his anger cause who will talk about other people that harsh and he looks like he is trying to tell someone (sabahan i think) that Sabah is not a great place after all and there is nothing to be proud of in Sabah. Who am i to judge him right? But even with what that person said; I'm still PROUD to be SABAHAN and I LOVE SABAH. Not because the amount of shopping malls or skyscrapper building. Not because the amount of cars that cause the traffic jam; which is not something to be proud of not even because the amount of highways that we have.
But because of the friendly people mostly everywhere, because of the beauty of my own culture, because of the unity of the people; less discrimination, less hatred, less racism. There's a whole lots of reason why and Sabahan people know that except for the one yang kacang lupakan kulit lah... hahaha..
Whatever it is, it still hurt when i see people like this.