Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Aku bukan blogger tegar

Chek...chek punya chek..... punya banyak pending post pula dlm ni blog... hahaha..... smua draft.... sekerat2 jak ayat didlm each post....

"ternyata aku bukan blogger tegar", Suis Rusak (2012)

Shadow Gang Journey to Penang

*old entry.. lupa post... hahaha

First time in my life i don't have school holiday! It wasn't so bad after all. padahal kasi sinang-sinang ati jak ma... Went back to Penang last holiday. A very interesting journey indeed.

It's been 3 years since I left Penang and posted in Kota Marudu. Penang full of awesome memories! Friends, college, food etc...etc.... I miss all of them. Anyway, went to Penang for training. Hahahhaa... This is a decision made by impulse. I don't know how or when I can rationalize this but I actually dreamt about this loooonnnnnnngggg time ago. When I was still in college and was an active gym member.

I always wonder how to became an instructor and the opportunity came... tadaaaaa..... so I wiggle myself to Zumba B1 instructor training in Zero fitness dance studio Penang. Hahaha... Have lots of fun during training. Met new friends. But me just being me, i'm just a wallpaper... and very shy... so i just stand at the back row and became part of the shadow gang. Haha...

^meet the shadow gang!^

Have lots of fun during the training. The training with ZES David Veles makes you forget you are working out. But without the help from Shaklee energy tea which i paksa my sister to buy for me I will collapsed during the training. Hahaha... it is super high intensity . But it also because i'm not in the desirable physical state to be an instuctor. Pannnncccciiiitttt baa.... kapus2 suda ni... nasib baik ada jg jogging2 skit few months before the training kalau nda mist 10 minit jak suda kapisan...
me with David Velez. Comel kan kami.

Then, I manage to find time to jln2 arnd maktab. Padahal tinggal d recsam sj which is seblah maktab sj ok. Maktab memang banyak upgrade and i even sesat mencari jalan kluar. Hahaha... the main gate we always use suda tutup. Mo cari gate baru punya la macam sakai. hahahaha... I even go through jalan yang suda berumput panjang. Nasib baik teda urang nampak kalo nda misti kana tangkap pak cik guard suda. hahaha...

Hebat suda pintu gate maktab sikalang.

And I even visit my favourite shop. Kedai Uncle! hhehehe... Uncle2 still remember me. They said "Amy, u suda gemoookkk. Mana kwn u lg satu?" Really brings back memories. I miss kacau2 uncle during school holiday. Uncle even remembers my fav drink that i always buy during maktab time. He went to the fridge and said "Nah, i know your fav is coffea." Yay! uncle belanja me!

Me with uncle Recsam. Uncle muda only. Uncle tua suda balik.

A very enjoyable journey indeed. The end.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Last weekend

Last weekend was a blast. Went to see jay park... Weeee....

But all i can see from my standing point is this....

And this....

Well what to do. At least i can feel the music. hahaha... kunun... It's great apart from the pain i have to bear upon my leg. Due to my over weight issue. haha. Sakit kaki ba bediri lama btul gila... 

Other than that, i went to Louis Pang studio opening and Celebrate mother's day at home. Didn't manage to take photos and my sister already blog about it. So tumpang jak la... Can read about it here... Even though i'm not working in schools anymore i still do need to clip papers. Basically what we did is the same.... hahahahahaha....

"Jangan salah tekan suis! Nanti jadi sot...." (Suis Rusak, 2012) 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I won an award!

I don’t know why I keep on loving you despite the fact that I’ll get hurt again just like before. I never learn cause I don’t want to. Not now when I’m still gonna fall for you over and over again.

But now I'm stronger than yesterday!! *trus nyanyi ala-ala britney spears* haha

*** found this unfinished post from last year. Let me continue...

Yeah. It's been a year and I really have move on. I'm so proud of me! Yay Me! I should award myself.
That's me holding the precious award. Haha

My speech:

I would like to thanks my family and friends for giving me the support i need when i'm down. For bearing with my rants and lending their ears for me. For being the traffic who make roadblocks when i'm about to take u-turn to fall back again. I'm really grateful to have all the beautiful and charming people around me. Last but not least, Thank You GOD for giving me strength that i need, courage and sanity that i long have lost. I'm so blessed with wonderful things. 

The end. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Taking a L.E.A.P

After much thinking and deliberating, at last i gave in. I went to the office to meet the PPD. Have a chat with him. I voice out my intention to decline the post offered to me. But, they just won't accept it. Then, he asks me to go back to school and make up my mind. 

This decision making sucks everything out of me. I was so tense and I even fell sick because of too much stress. Well it’s me who makes thing complicated. Haha… *br tau kan… sepa suru talampau bepkir… It’s a major decision to make and it involves my career as a teacher. Am I ready? I am very afraid. Well it’s about going out of my comfort zone and challenging myself with new working environment.


Here I am now, sitting in the office taking a LEAP hoping that my legs are strong and long enough to take a big LEAP. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Taking a LEAP

Approximately 1 month ago, I was on the field cheering for my athletes on the top of my lung. Suddenly my phone rang; I looked at the phone screen.Hmmm…unknown number. I hesitate whether to answer it or not. I ignore the call and put my phone on silent mode. Even in silent mode the phone vibrate non-stop. I wonder who is calling and what so important? At last, I gave in. I reach to my pocket and answer the call. “Hello, Amy ka ni? Ini *** dari ppd km” An unfamiliar male voice speaking in a very formal way makes my heart beating like Nicki Minaj Super Bass. So, I tried my very best to answer in the most calm and formal way. But then, the big surprise came and I couldn’t control myself. “Apa!???? FasiLINUS??!! Gila ka… kenapa pula sa.. Eeee… budu… adaka… sa nda mo eh…”Haha… There goes my poise. I was on the phone with all the teachers and students around me and all of them looked at me with a big question mark on their head. They must be shocked when I suddenly stand up and babbling on the phone with a voice that can be heard from 10 metre radius and hand gestures greater than Karam singh walia signature hand gesture.

Yes. It wasn’t a typo. It’s FasiLINUS. I know there are some who don’t know what is FasiLINUS. Here’s a brief description. FasiLINUS = pemudahcara + works at ppd + orang yang pg memantau d skul bsing2 pasal linus + etc. Bottom line is FasiLINUS = NO MORE SCHOOL HOLIDAY!

The memory of that phone call haunted me for days. Until that nightmare came alive. The dreadful letter from KPM arrived. First, the letter to attend a course came followed by a phone call from the same person who calls me a few days back. I really don’t know what to do. I was hyperventilating. I screamed and almost cried. I don’t want to go but I don’t know what to do. So, I called my dad to ease my anxiousness. I’m torn apart. I really don’t know what to do. I only have less than 24 hours to make decision either to go for the course or just simply don’t go and write a letter.

My head pounding like mad. I don’t even know what to think. I like teaching in school. I love teaching the kids. It’s fun, enjoyable and meaningful. But then, if I were to learn something new and challenge myself or should I say to improve myself in management I should accept the offer.

In the end, i packed my bag and just go for the course. During the course, i was not paying any attention at all. You can put the blame on me for not paying attention but you can't just force me blindly to accept the offer. I chat with the existing fasilinus. They happily share their experience and how they are offered to be one. Almost none of them are willing to be one or voluntarily to be one. But they survive and they said it is a good and new experience. Learn new things and confront new challenges. I called my friends hoping to get some comfort. I was at ease for a few minutes while talking with them but after that my head will start thinking again. I think to much. I know.

*to be continued.... a very long and winding post... i know...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tangkap Muat Vs Jual Mahal: Sepa manang?

"That awkward moment, when a guy flirts with you and few days later... he's in a relationship with another girl... " suis rusak, (2012)

Tangkap muat vs jual mahal. Sepa yang manang? Haha....
Maybe, just maybe... sa jak yang paham ni... tapi sa rasa lucu... Bila umur semakin meningkat ni there's more and more new experience. It's february the month of love.Btul kaitu??? Mangkali la kan...Almost all my colleague during college have settled down and of course after getting married they have kids. It's the time when people start to ask... ko bila lg.. jadi??? bila ko kawen... Ahahaha...

Too many things to write right now. Caca marba suda pikiran sa talampau banyak mo ditulis nda tau camana mo tulis suda... Alamaaaakkk......

nanti la sa sambung...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My super tanned sun kissed skin

Comel kan... Hahaha... Did you notice the hands and face are darker than the legs....

One fine day, that is today by the way....

Teacher A: Ei... Putih pula kaki c Amy kan....
Teacher B:......

Buat lawak btul la.... Silaka.... mentang2 la my skin is very tanned now.... Of course la my legs fairer than my hand and face ... cause i don't wear short pants when training the students for sports day and netball. And today the students told me that another teacher;who is suppose to be in charge of the perbarisan, tell the them that i will train them tomorrow morning. Eh.. hello.. since when do i have to train them. Double silaka... Just because i'm guru sukan doesn't mean i have to do everything ba... Sabar jak la...

Let's go back to the story of kaki putih. I wonder. Teacher A is a male teacher. When did he saw me legs. I wear baju kurung to school never wear short skirt. Whoa.... dia cubuk sa d rumah ka... atau pun dia memerhatikan kaki sa dengan teliti...hahahaha... Maybe he saw me jalan2 d kadai ba kali kan... hahaha.. punya jahat tu pemikiran.

Anyway, come think about it i do have a nice tanned skin. Haha... I like to think it that way. Makes me feel confident. Since little kids, among my sisters i have the most tanned skin. It once bothers me because people always compares me and my sister. They always will compliment fairer skin and not the tanned girl. People will always give credit to girls with fair complexion rather than tanned skin girls. Yessss..... been there, went through that. Just because my skin is tanned, i always get this remark. Punya itam ko macam pilak. Or Itam or ko macam om. Maybe you think it is funny. But actually i'm making a poker face and try hard to smile while inside it hurts my feeling so much that it somehow make me feel unpretty. Itu time kici2 la slalu kana ckp bgitu up until secondary school. That's why i have low self-esteem. Abis suda la itam rambut keriting lg. I got that from my dad. Fotostat my dad ba muka sa ni.. hahaha... and he is half chinese. Tp galap. "I love my dad! and I'm proud to be his daughter." (Iklan jap haha)

Haha... silly me. Why did i let that bothers me.

Bingung Post.

2 New year have passed. New year 2012 and Chinese new year:Year of the water dragon. And it's been ages since i post anything on this blog. I always write something, re-read the post and delete it. Bingung!

My blogging spirit is depleting rapidly. I realize that 2010 I only have 12 post and 2011 only 13 post. Argghhhhhh... Nda pa. Tahun ni mo rajin sikit la kali kan.

Anyway happy new year eventho' today is 1st February suda.