Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I won an award!

I don’t know why I keep on loving you despite the fact that I’ll get hurt again just like before. I never learn cause I don’t want to. Not now when I’m still gonna fall for you over and over again.

But now I'm stronger than yesterday!! *trus nyanyi ala-ala britney spears* haha

*** found this unfinished post from last year. Let me continue...

Yeah. It's been a year and I really have move on. I'm so proud of me! Yay Me! I should award myself.
That's me holding the precious award. Haha

My speech:

I would like to thanks my family and friends for giving me the support i need when i'm down. For bearing with my rants and lending their ears for me. For being the traffic who make roadblocks when i'm about to take u-turn to fall back again. I'm really grateful to have all the beautiful and charming people around me. Last but not least, Thank You GOD for giving me strength that i need, courage and sanity that i long have lost. I'm so blessed with wonderful things. 

The end. 

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