Monday, November 9, 2009

My latest craze....

what's my latest craze??? thai film maybe??? hehe...

watched phobia 2 and raging phoenix back to back .... Phobia 2 is super damn twisted movie (in a good way la) i like it.. it makes me hide behind the chairs.. close my eyes... peep through my fingers and make my stomach hurt damn hard... hehe... Go watch... agaga... Raging phoenix... loves d action ... and Jeeja Yanin of course... She's my latest craze... haha... i admire her since chocolate... loves all the action and stunts... it's sure hurt like hell... but i like pain.. ahaahaaa...can't wait to see jeeja 3rd movie.. and maybe she will team up with tony jaa for a sequel of ong bak...hmmm rumors maybe.. wait and see...

what's more?? she reminded me of my sister as well... why???

Cos... Jeeja and Joan... see the first letter of their name is the same... haha...

Jeeja=taekwondo= Joan.... see they have similarities.... once upon a time my sister also practice taekwondo...

Jeeja= small size (5'2 only), very cute and adorable, high pitched voice = Joan... see more similarities... that's why jeeja reminded me of my sister....

this is jeeja......

This is my sis... Joan...

hehe.... i try to find pics of my sis doing some taekwondo action... but can't find one... hehe.. i guess this will do... told you they have similarities kan....

jeeja yannin ... joan vivienne .... it rhymes doesn't it... ^_^

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Deakin Nite 09'

ahhaaa...... it's been a while..... phew...

Date: 2 Nov 2009
Venue: Cititel Hotel, Penang

It was a night that full of unforgettable events. (mangkali la..agagaga)

We were invited and supposed to do 2 performances at that nite... We decide to sing "Come Home" by one republic and "Fifteen" by taylor swift.. So, I geared up and ready to perform.. (hehe)

but sadly..... when we reach there... the don't have enough mic for us... then we have to change the second performance.. so we just randomly choose a song and here's the aftermath.. enjoy! (haha ... sumbang jan marah... tia siok jan komplen ok.. agagaga)

First, performance ...hmmm okay la... (buli la kampung2 akakaa)..... second performance was a disaster... i messed up the lyrics... the lyrics is all over the place and it doesn't make any sense anymore... haha..

The rest of the night.....

~ Eating is a must........ hahaha...... ~

~ CamWhoring is needed... ehehehe~

~And MOre Pics Taken!!!~

~wit Mdm Chong a.k.a Mrs Teh..:P~

It's a blast~~~

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Maxis buat hal!!!

i've been m.i.a like for a loooooooooooonggggggg tiiiiiiiimeeeeeeeeee........ ni maxis buat hal..... a lot to post about but don't have any chance...

goin' through the last hurdles to finish this deakin course.... luckily no exam this semester but the the assignments are killer assignments piling up like i cannot reach the top d.. hahaha...

2 more weeks of assignments and presentation...

and here we go Kissm for 3 weeks....

then go back... yipppiiieee...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Biggest Loser challenge..

Agagaga.... Inspired by the reality show Biggest Loser. I decide to challenge myself too.. hehe.. Since My weight suddenly shoot up 5 kilos I really need to start working out again... So here's what I do for my Biggest Loser challenge.

I still have my gym membership at celebrity fitness until end of this month only. Therefore I try my best to go to the gym EVERYDAY! Yesterday I was at the gym from 4 - 10 pm... imagine that.. hehee... It's not that i work out for the entire 6 hour... I also have some rest in between and during that resting time I manage to do my teaching aids for my lesson. ( Cikgu yg dedikasi ba ni..agagaga)

What I love about celebrity fitness is the I can go whenever I want and its only for like RM109 per month. If the gym is just 5 minutes away from my college I will not terminate my membership for sure. I looooovvveeee the studio session so much or what they call it the energy studio classes. It bassicly like regular aerobic classes but with variety of style and workout intensity to choose from. I went to almost all the classes and I like the Latin Fiesta, Body Combat, Power Jump, Hip Hop, Mtv Style, Jazz, Pilates and Belly Fusion..... Ahahaha.. i've try line dancing too but I lose to the aunty2 who are regular in the line dancing class... there were so great!! If you want to know more about celebrity fitness just google it up.... They uses the LesMills workout Programs... What is that??? it's a Trademark workout program and if you want more info just google it lah.. hehehe.... But sadly no gym in KK uses their program yet.. It should be fun if there's one in KK..

In the studio before Hip Hop Class… We love the mirrors!

Before Power jump class. ( ni blum lae panat ni lpas jump2 dkt da pingsan..hehe)

Working out ka pa ni??? hehe

Check Out the trademill the same brand used in the Biggest Loser program...
Harap2 buli jd biggest loser la jg kunun hehe..

In the Changing room...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Oh No!!!

I climb on the weighing scale just now... and the scale went to 60Kg!!!!!


i never reach that "kpala 6 punya berat!!!"

H.E.L.P!!!! S.O.S!!!!!

What's happening to me???? I gained 5 kilo in just 1 week holiday.... agagagaagagagaga...

This is bad... real bad.... hehehe

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ken Lee...

Ken Lee by Valentina Hassan

From only this, now the ken lee phenomenon is everywhere. She is now very famous and no one can sing ken lee as good as her did. Well it's true her singing is not like Mariah Carey but she sing with all her heart and it is reflected in the song. :P..... I can feel her passion.......

Here's an interview of her saying that that she went to the audition just for fun... I never taught that she is lives in spain and owns two bars went to holiday in Bulgaria and becomes famous... With her own English...... ^_^

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Boxing? Beatboxing?

Boxing = Mengkotak

BeatBoxing = Pukul Kotak

Hahahaha.... sooott......

Naahhh... That's not what i want to say... Boxing and BeatBoxing are the two things that capture my attention. I really want to try and learn Boxing (kickboxing pun best jg Muay Thai la kunun) after i watch "One Pound Gospel" (a j-drama) and loads of thailand action movie. But sadly I don't know where to learn...

It's amaze me how people can make various sounds and music by beatboxing.....
"i also want to learn beatboxing....." so I google up and found this boy. I think he's great.... even i can't do that....

watch him teach how to beatbox here

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Crouching Piku Hidden Leg

this is piku... our lovely cat... here's what happen when piku's nose turn bright pink.... hahahah

Monday, August 10, 2009

2 roomates in a day???

i got a call this morning from my good neighbour informing that someone arrive at my beautifully messed up room. I was freaking out at school. I was almost yelling in the staff room when i talk on the phone. Yeah i know having a roomate is not a big deal but the last time i'm asking to have a roomate the penyelia asrama decline me telling me that I can't be in one room with a Malay because i'm nor Malay of course...But now ... this morning.... she give me a new roomate which is a Malay. Argghhh screw the penyelia asrama.... Then after one hour mourning because my privacy is now gone... My neighbour call again. She said that my new roomate opt to change to another room after she found out that i'm not Malay. She tought i was Malay because I have 'binti' in my name... *that's always give me trouble until now*....

So I was very happy and I got my mood back... I thought black monday is over for me and i can have my beautifully messed up room by myself again....

I went to the library to return books and when i reach my room .... tadaaaa....... unknown people are crowding up my room.... There are like 3 boys and 2 girls... I felt like want to scream "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO" on that very moment... but what can i do... just have to accept things sometime.... its gonna be a lilttle bit hard for me to adjust for my new climate change... agaggggaaa.....

but there goes my privacy... no more camwhoring... no more cosplaying ... no more my concert in my room for the time being... huhuhu

Monday, August 3, 2009

Vanity Attack!!!

NOTE: Read with your own risk....... *will cause vommitting and disgust for some people*

In one peaceful afternoon, when boredom reaches the maximum level ....... vanity ATTACK!!!
The aftermath...........
~~doooiiii~~ prasan comellll~~~

~~~Classic touch ~~~ *kunun*

~~mode: prasan santik ~~ :P

~~~~ CamWhoring to the mAXXXX~~~~

~~~ jauh pemandangan~~~ akaka

This is what happen when one have to much time alone with no one to talk to.... BWAHAhAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAhhahhHAhha

Friday, July 31, 2009

Alkisah budak hostel di kuarantin......

*photo courtesy of zaida*

Day 1

Tak ku sangka di kala petang itu aku menerima berita bahawa IPG ni akan di tutup. (nice intro.. ekeke) Tak pernah terlintas di fikiran ku perkara ni terjadi kat IPG aku sendri. Keadaan petang tu jadi kelam kabut. semua penduduk blok pala tak senang duduk mendengar brita itu.
After the warden told us that we can go back everyone start packing their bags and calling their parents to tell they wanna go home. "What about me? " I thought for a second. I want to go back too but the warden says cannot go back by public transportation. hmmmm.... i don't have private jet so i guess i'm gonna stay here then... hehehe....

I cannot go back so if i'm gonna stay here what about food??? the cafe going to be close and we can't go out. (That's what the warden told us la...) So my thought wanders again... What if i call for Mc Delivery everyday... Here's what will happen..

Case 1
*strictly my imagination only*

Once the operator know that my IPG had been closed she will definetly say.." I'm sorry we can't do any delivery today"..... heheheh

Case 2
*strictly my imagination only*

I manage to get through the operator and order my food. But then i got a call from the delivery guy...
"hello miss amy could you please come to the main gate and take your delivery?"
okay so i go to the main gate and saw my food is there on the road.... hehehe.. then the delivery guy call again. i can see him waiting with his bike a few yards away. hahaha. he say "that's yours" Pointing at the plastic bag on the road. " Can you just put the money there and take your things and stand back for a few yards away?"

hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa............ what a wild imagination i have .... gaggagagagaa

Okay back to real story... So i went to tesco after the announcement to buy some food. Then after that my frens bolong and pija ask me to drive them to the airport to buy ticket. We went there but the ticket counter is closed. So we went to Bj the nearest travel agency. Luckily it is still open so they manage to buy their tickets. ME??? no ticket... huhuhu...

-End of day one-

Day 2

Woke up by a knocked on the door by pija.. I forgot that i have to send them to airport. So i get dressed and send them to the airport...

Now... i'm alone.... the hostel nearly empty only around 10 people didn't go back. What should i do??? I sit in front of my laptop and wanders around the internet.. hehehe.. got bored then i installed flower stand tycoon.(it's a game of course) started playin and can't stop.... (buat assignment kunun tp tia jg tebuat)

Then someone knock on my door, it's pao2 my fren from tenom. She didn't go back too. She came to give me two face mask and remind me to wear them if i go out. So very nice pao2..

I continue to play game until i lost track of the time.... i started playing around 3pm and 9 pm suddenly i started trembling... my heartbeat become faster and faster... what's happening??? naaahh am not going to be sick.. it's my body telling me i need my coffea hahaha... (i'm a hardcore coffea addict...) agaaga... i forgot to drink my afternoon coffea that's why.. I pause the game for a while boil water and drink coffea and eat maggie... huhuhu.... Then i continue to play flower stand tycoon again... until my peepers felt so heavy i stop the game and went to sleep...

-end of day two-

Day 3

It's today!!! hehehe

I woke up early this morning. With the spirit to do my research proposal since my suprise holiday will end this sunday. I went to take my shower, clear my table and switch my laptop on. Then someone knocked on my door. It was lee hong, she told me that holiday extend until tuesday... wtf??? is this means that someone is positve with h1n1??? huaaa... scaryy... that person is from which block??? lee hong says maybe from our block cause there's 1 girl was sakit tenat yesterday apart from 2 other who have flu as well.

HMMMmmmmmm that news causes my edu-proposal-making-process officially halted!!!

So, here i am writing .... agagaga....
to be cont.....
- not end of day 3-

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the pandemic flu.... part 2...

IPGM kampus pulau pinang now officially closed!!!!!!

starting from today until sunday...... phew...... kuarantin dlm blik x buli kluar2...
camana ni... mo p bli mknan d luar pun tia buli...

hmmmmm.... part of me says yaaayyyYY!!!! Lesson plan all halted.....huhu... no camp math.... no observation from guru pembimbing... can do research proposal peacefully.... :P

a little part of me .. scared too.. cause my neighbour and some of my frens got flu... temperature near 38 degree... huhu....

what to do??? sit in room only la if like thiss.........

the pandemic flu...

we have block meeting last nite... just to inform us that anyone who have even the slightest fever must report to the warden immediatly for check up....

i thought it was just something silly.... so i laugh... but today i came back from school and found out that IPGM Tuanku Bainun my neighbouring IPG closed for 1 week with 5 suspected cases... wohoooo....

mcm mana ni... kalo IPG tutup internship kana extend lg ka????

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bon Odori 2009


In the midst of my crazy hectic internship, me and my friends went to Bon Odori at esplanade penang. Bon Odori is japanese celebration also called as the festival of lanterns. Yeah it is the time where the girls wear 'kawaii' yukata (it's a light cotton kimono) to the festival like in the j-drama thingy.. hehe.. This celebration usually occurs during the summer and it involves people dancing around the 'yagura' (sort of a wooden stage in the middle)

~the dances~
It's an exciting experience. People walking around in their yukata, goldfish catching, the food (i luv them all but its soooo expensive..), and also there's the haunted classroom. I didn't manage to take pictures in yukata and also i couldn't go to the goldfish catching, people are crowding the place up until there aren't any space to squeeze in... sigh... but i manage to get into the haunted classroom after waiting in line for like 30 minutes. How was it??? hmmmmm... maybe my expectation is too high and expected it to be damn scary but it wasn't .... i feel like laughing the whole way out. hehe.. i guess the ghost is scared of me....-_-

~ Scary me??~
On the way back to our car; which we parked like so far because there's no more parking space near esplanade, we have took a detour and have a photo session ... hhahaa... armed with my very 'cikai' camera we took some pics to kill time... because there's too many car-traffic jam!! Due to the poor lighting and i use iso mode there's a lot of noise in the pics.. but whatever here's some.. Bolong and Pja are the model of the nite.. :p

Photobucket Photobucket
~ experimenting with lines~

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

aaahh... school again..

Internship starts again... Last internship before i get my P license for teacher... now still L...

Morning session again this semester and yay for me for fighting for it.. hope i make the right decision and so far so good. Tomorrow is my first class. I'm going to teach Math year 5. Tajuk yang akan saya ajar pada hari esok adalah Bentuk dan Ruang. (feels funny teaching like that.... not use to it.. hehehe but nvm wat can i do..) In case you are wondering what is "bentuk dan ruang" it's shape and space....

i have 10 periods of teaching for every week. Everyday i have to teach except for Tuesday.. which is today... yay again that is why i'm so free today.. ahahaha.... Well our time to teach only 1/3 from the real teacher but our workload (i mean our assignment) is waaayyyyyyyy too many compared to the previous internship. I'm trying to juggle all the assginment and keep things balance. want to avoid too much stress ... and i'm trying hard to be as organize as i can be... and that is really though.. preparing early... planned for my work... eat.. wash clothes... read books... do research.. complete portfolio's..... hmmmmmm i really need to learn how to organize and stick to plan ...... shiiuuuuu----------------> i got a lesson to plan............

Saturday, July 11, 2009

my result for last sem is out...

OhNOOOO i got C for math.... daaaammmmmmnnnnn.... wTf!!! i screw up big time this time... i think no more golden key student for me this time....

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Haha.. i lost my widget...

i lost all my widget!!! ni la ni... lupa mo save na ini la jd dia... akakaka.. tia pa la buli buat..

making me more lazy to study...

It is Bahasa again but more emphasis will be placed on learning English

Math and Science back to Bahasa and mother tongues
Nay to change

PUTRAJAYA: The Government has decided to reverse the Teaching of Mathematics and Science in English policy and revert to Bahasa Malaysia in national schools and Chinese and Tamil in vernacular schools.

More emphasis would also be placed on English, including the hiring of retired teachers, assistant teachers for bigger classes and having additional periods.

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said this meant that from 2012, students in Years One and Four and Forms One and Four in national primary and secondary schools would study the two subjects in Bahasa Malaysia while those in vernacular schools would be taught in their mother tongue (Chinese and Tamil).

It’s decided: Muhyiddin after the press conference at the Education Ministry’s building in Putrajaya Wednesday.

“We want to have a ‘soft landing’ which is why we will begin only in 2012. This will allow us time to make the necessary preparations,” he told a press conference at the ministry when announcing the reversal of the ETeMS policy or better known by its Malay acronym, PPSMI.

Asked why the ministry was not starting with a new cohort of Year One students, Muhyiddin who is Education Minister, said there was time to fine-tune the policy.

“There is still two-and-a-half years to prepare.

“Some members of the Cabinet made an observation that those in Form Four may be affected but that’s okay because we can still make changes so they continue their studies in two languages,” he said.

Muhyiddin said the ministry would do “whatever we can to make it as soft as possible for these students.”

“This is why the ministry is staggering the changes that will happen.

“It was quite sudden when the PPSMI was introduced previously,” he said.

The PPSMI policy was implemented in phases, beginning with Year One, Form One and Lower Six students in 2003, under former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s tenure.

The first cohort who completed six years of primary schooling and studied the two subjects in English received their Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) results last year.

Muhyiddin said that to ensure the implementation of the new policy did not affect the first batch (who started studying the two subjects in English in primary school in 2003), they would continue to study Mathematics and Science bilingually (in English and Bahasa Malaysia) until 2014.

He stressed that the reason for the reversal in policy was due to objective considerations and not political ones.

“It was based on empirical studies and other specialist reviews,” he said.

Based on studies conducted in 2008, he said, the ministry found that only a small percentage of teachers fully used English to teach the two subjects.

“On average, the percentage of those using English during Mathematics and Science periods was around 53% to 58%,” he said, adding that only a small number of teachers were proficient.

Muhyiddin said studies carried out by local universities found that students’ mastery level of English during the entire policy was around 3% while the level among rural students was low.

“Based on these observations, the Government is confident that Mathematics and Science should be taught in languages understood by students, which is Bahasa Malaysia in national schools, and Chinese and Tamil in the respective vernacular schools,” he said.

On whether the decision goes against Dr Mahathir’s vision, Muhyiddin said he and senior ministry officials had a three-hour meeting explaining the problems faced by those involved.

Taken from:

It's been a long time since i blogged.. but this really makes me want to blog... this news is sad and a very sad one indeed for me... i'll blog more once i finish my math workbook. (which is all about teaching math in english!!!) ..

I don't have any motivation to do my assignment anymore... haish... why la... why... win win situation la... wtH... its hard for us.... Ishhhhhhhh......

Monday, May 18, 2009

hisashiburi ne...

it's been a while since my last post..... it's not that i'm busy or nothing to post... but....i'm in a beautiful mess right now.... *whatever that means i'm not feeling that well to write.. ahaks*

" It's a mess, is't it?
 Don't you just hate that?
 It's always easier to tear up than draw,
 harder to tie than untie.............."

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy easter!!

Happy easter everyone!!!! 

Keep Hope Alive for He has risen!!
Have a blessed easter!!!

Happy Easter Pictures, Images and Photos

Me as a teacher... hmmmm....

it's a hard to imagine that but I am beginning to feel like a teacher. It is hard for me to act matured and adult like with young children. I feel like i have to revamp my personality. *hehe melampau la ba kan*. I still remember the mock interview I have back during my mrsm days. hehe i choose to be a teacher kunun... If i'm not mistaken along with my fren vila and suzen. (ehh btul ka tu ah suzen.. kestau kalo silap ahhh) Now the three of us really becoming a teacher.. dayyummmm...*mcm sumpahan pula tau..kekekeke* Avila and Suzen both becoming secondary school teacher and i'm a primary school teacher(gaji sma jak ba..:P)

Teaching really drains almost all my energy. The first time i enter the class i feel like dying and crying and everything around me seems very confusing. I went to school and teach before for 4 times but that was pair teaching. This time round i was alone with 40 students in the class with me. I teach standard 4 and 5 ... mind you the students are huge,,, hehehe*.. Putting theory into practice is hard for me. I felt a like carrying a big responsibility to teach them. If i teach them wrong things ...peerrrrgghhhh.... i'm 'dead'... my students will have a big misconception.. ahaha... *ku ingatkan mengajar itu senang... rupa-rupanya... memang senang pun tapi sama ada muridku faham atau tidak... jeng...jeng...jeng... ???*haha....

Well i've tried my best. I'm 'hanging in there' and went through my internship with lots of food!!!hahaha... wait for the aftermath post... huahahaha...

*photo courtesy of*

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Oh no... namaKu tercemar...

hehehe.. britney use my name as a disguise..... Her third single is entitle If you seek Amy....
So Jangan Cari Amy wokey... hahaha...... *i don't know what am talking about anyway... hahaha*
i never know that my name can be so 'meaningful' haha... very creative indeed... but Namuku telah tercemar.... huhuhu....

La la la, la la la
La la la, la la la

Oh baby baby have you seen Amy tonight?
Is she in the bathroom is she smokin' up outside? Oh
Oh baby baby does she take a piece of lime
For the drink that I'mma buy her do you know just what she likes? Oh

Oh oh, tell me have you seen her? Because I'm so oh
I can't get her off of my brain
I just want to go to the party she gonna go
Can somebody take me home?
Ha ha, he he, ha ha ho

Love me hate me, say what you want about me
But all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek Amy
Love me hate me, but can't you see what I see?
All of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek Amy
Love me hate me, la la la, la la la

Amy told me that she's gonna meet me up
I don't know where or when and now they're closing up the club, oh
I've seen her once or twice but boy she knows my face
But it's hard to see with all the people standing in the way, oh

Oh oh, tell me have you seen her, because I'm so oh
I can't get her off of my brain
I just want to go to the party she gonna go
Can somebody take me home?
Ha ha, he he, ha ha ho

Love me hate me, say what you want about me
But all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek Amy
Love me hate me, but can't you see what I see?
All of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek Amy
Love me hate me

Oh, so what you want about me?
Oh, but can't you see what I see?
Oh, so what you want about me?
La la la, la la la

So tell me if you see her
'Cause I've been waiting here forever
Oh baby baby if you seek Amy tonight
Oh baby baby we'll do whatever you like
Oh baby baby baby
Oh baby baby baby

La la la, la la la
La la la, la la la

Love me hate me, say what you want about me
But all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek Amy
Love me hate me, but can't you see what I see
All of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek Amy

Love me hate me, say what you want about me, yeah
Love me hate me, but can't you see what I see?
All of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek Amy
Love me hate me

Oh, so what you want about me?
Oh, but can't you see what I see?
Love me hate me
Oh, so what you want about me?
All of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek Amy

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

[s]witch to your laughter mode...

Errr... whats that sound???

My rumate was on the phone again. Talking and geting 'rabu-rabu'(lovey-dovey) with her bf. What really tickle my restless mind is ...

rumate: eeiii..eiii... can you hear that sound...
rumate bf: What sound??
rumate: wait..wait.. listen....
rumate bf: huh.. which sound..
rumate: that sound la.. the aung.. aung.. aunnnggg... (don't know how to really write that sound ...)
rumate bf: aiya i also don't know la....

i was like huahahahahhahahaa.... laughing in my brain .. i didn't mean to be so mean. But I just cannot control myself. Can you guess what sound that troubles my rumate????

*hint*: Its the sound you usually hear after the rain... or during rainy season.... 

anyway thanx to my rumate i feel relax a  bit.

Big bussiness in the library

Someone was caught for doing big bussiness in the school library yesterday afternoon. Here's how the story goes. Yesterday during the morning session the library was closed because the library teacher was on lift. So today i felt really happy because i can 'lepak' in the library. (best ba sna ada air con tia panas) When I went in the library everything was as usual but only the smell is different. I thought that it maybe due to someone socks, well you know the never-cuc-for-1-week-sock kind of smell. I casually sit on the sofa and start scribbling in my book planning for tomorrows lesson. Then one student came running to the library teacher. She give the teacher a letter from the afternoon session library teacher.


Petang semalam ada seorang budak buat 'big bussiness' kat dalam library tu. saya tak sempat nak panggil cleaner sebab saya tak prasan at first. Bila saya check before nak close library then I know. Its at the back of the library.

Puan YYYYYY...

The library teacher was puzzled at first then she went and look at the back of the library and there it is the big bussines. There's a shit there hahahaha.... She runs towards the window and open all the library window. Then she runs to call the cleaner. 

No wonder there's a strange smell in the library this morning. How on earth no one realize that the student is doing big bussiness there and of course it is year 1 student. 

Fiction vs reality 

Today  I went to year 5 class. I chat with one of the students and to my surprise he still believe that superman really does exist and can fly in the sky. He says that he wants to be like James Bond the secret agent. He believe that james bond movie is all real and true story. He says that incredible hulk is there living somewhere in US. The power of mass media.........

Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm an idol...

haha.. it's true .. I'm an idol at school. hehe... people want to be like me. people want me.. hahahaha..

today i went to class but didn't teach. I'm so lazy ohh.. Sigh.. am not lazy but my students are. They are not in a best condition to learn new concept. So what I did is just give some enrichment activity for them and revise the previous lesson. Am I really that bad??? I'm not totally ditching my work.. I did my lesson plan and teaching aids until 2 am.. I am very eager to teach but my student is not ready to learn. I feel bad now for i will be scolded my supervisor for not doing my job well. aahhh.. what the heck cause i'm an idol.. i inspire people.. hahaha...

Today after i finish my class one student came up to me and says...."Thanks teacher for making me want to be a teacher.." and I replied "EEehhh...???" with a puzzled expression. Then she said that i inspire her and that makes her want to be a teacher like me..... 

Yay ME!!!!

*camp science .... need to go camp science... warrrgggghhhh* <-----ignore....

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Busy... Busy... Me...

Went to prangin mall today to buy new printer and for the side dish.. hehehe... went to watch this...

ahhaaa...'kuruma no daisuki!!!'(i heart cars)... i was like... wooaaaahhh.... wowww...i want that car!!! hehe...

And i was so excited to watch the movie but then when i look around in the cinema 95% are boys... hmmmmm.. I wonder why????

Arrghhh.... enjoy time ends now!!! got to work... lesson plan waiting... more and more teaching aids.... just 1 more week to go... tomorrow have to go for camp AGAIN!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Teacher WannaBe

My days during internship

This is me early in the morning. Do i look like an in service teacher? if you look closely behind me, you can see my roomate still sleeping lie a ****. haha. every morning i woke up around 5.30 am to get ready. Even though my school is extremely near to my college I still wake up oh-so-early. My typical day for 3 weeks in school is waking up early in the morning get ready and go to school. Reach school usually around 7.15 am put all my things in the staff room go to the office and fill in the register for pre service teacher. Go back to staff room and wait...and wait... sometimes i have to go to relief classes and sometimes i have my classes. Will go and take my brunch with Lai usually around 9.30 or 10.  Then when the clock is 12pm we have to leave the staff room or we'll be in trouble. hahaha.. (like cinderella oh kan) We then go to the library and spending the rest our time in school there or go to class. Why we have to leave the staff room at 12 is because the afternoon teacher is coming. We only 'tumpang' their place. So when the owner came we have to bllaaaah... School end at 1pm but we pre service teacher can only go back at 1.30 pm.. the very not fair :P 

*late post*.....

Friday, March 20, 2009

Thanx Maxis broadband!!!!

whooahhh.... thanx so much MAXIS BROADBAND for ruining my holiday.... internat connection is so damn slow. HSDPA.... what HSDPA.. tia laju pun... bkin panas ohhhh..... 

Kesian my Pet Society....... 

i cannot take care of my pet due to my hectic day during internship. S i thought this holiday i can play with purple shady but noooooooo..... now maxis is killing me... 

sob.. sob... sob....

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


whoaaahh... just come back from island trip yesterday... and i realize that i've been m.i.a from my blog for quite sometimes... only 2 post for march... phew... sorry readers i don't have the blues to post anything... (hehehe wth i got reader meh? .. blues?? where does that come from???)<--- ignore the werds in bracket k....

Will update soon... after i clear up my room... now it's like wreck ship just hit by UFO... haha

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

ang imahe lamang ang tingnan???

what does that mean??? I was so busy at school and I have a lot of things to blog about...  but I just couldn't find the right time with the right mood to write... Sigh....

I want to blog about:

#My roomate strikes again... haha

#1001 funny things on sport days at minden height...

#My ticket problem...

#My holiday plans....

#My internship at SK Minden Height 09'

aaaahhhh..... still not in a good mood to write... 

owh... and what's with the title? I don't know I was wondering what that words means. When I was browsing through the refferels to my blog I accidently clicked to one of the referrels and that words come out....

gif -

Ang larawang ito ay maaaring nasasakop ng copyright

Ang nasa baba ay ang imahe sa orihinal na konteksto nito sa pahinang:

It's bothering me not to understand what that means.. So I goggle a bit... searching for translation... and i manage to translate it...

image only see this picture may be covered by copyright. The chin is in the image in its original context on the page

????? what chin????? hahaha... can't understand ....

Monday, February 23, 2009

A tribute to the late yellow cat....

We will miss you Yellow Cat. (2005-2009)
read more here....

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Internship starts tomorrow!!!!!

wish me luck everone!!!!!

yatta... yatta... yattaman.....

huahahaha.... am so happy..... am free at last.....

1- my assginment that need to be done... is done...

2- my roomate already buy her own celcom broadband... yayMe! 
...wit careful planning i manage to make her to sign up.... haha... and it's me who accompany her to buy....

3- I manage to tame my roomate .. huahahahahhahaa.....
.... wit a lil bit of behaviourism theory and some good communication skills of course haha... now she no longer dare to switch off the light without asking my permission plus I manage to say no when she wants to switch off the light... hahaahahaha..... sometimes i just pretend to do some works until she sleeps.... if she see me busy2 doing my work she won't dare to switch off the light... hahaha...

4- My heater still not working properly ..... but last time i throw a tantrum in my room and i almost hit her with the heater.,.. hahaha... that's a lie... i just say loudly to my fren "let's go take water from downstairs. i'm dehydrating!!!!" then the next morning my roomate say if you want water just take here.. *pointing at her 5 litre bottle*... nanti you don't have water she say...i just reply with a smile... *hahahaha* Sepa terasa dia terasa la kan....

5- I bought new speaker for my dear ol laptop.... you know for what... when my roomate is talking on the phone with loudspeaker ... i just switch on my speaker too... hahaha.... this is what i call 'serangan balas!!!!' 

..........according to my father my room now is like the nazi war... hahaha.. everytime he phone me he'll ask hows my war going on...... hehehe... 

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Blog Hiatus..

until 20th feb...........

reason: assignment mode

Thursday, February 12, 2009


OMG...OMG......OMG......That's all I can say....

"xnak tido lg ahhh.... suda mau pkul 1 ni.." my rumate ask me....
I just smile back and keep staring on my laptop ........

I cannot sleep ... because I'm really freaking out right now.... Tomorrow we suppose to give back the eTems book that the college force us to borrow. Yeah .. I know it is just a simple thing of returnig all the books in the eTems set. What's bugging me is that I can't find the dictonary and one set of CD's including the study guide+planner+all the little things in the little black file....

uwaaaa..... I feel like i'm going to cry right now....

The worst part is all the eTems set is around RM1000+ and the things that are missing right now is the most expensize item in the eTems set... but this is not my fault. Partly but not entirely my fault. We are moving to a new hostel every year and every sem we have to clear our things from the room. So the things must be missing during that time. Cause I clearly remember that 1 of my box full of books was thrown away by the Mak Cik cleaner the other day. I didn't take the box from the store room cause it is so damn heavy and i'm not going to use the books after all. So the things missing must be in that very box. Lucky enough I didn't put all the eTems set together or else all of it will be missing right now. 

I'm trying to comfort myself now. I really hope tomorrow the librarian will understand my situation right now. If not half a thousand will go flying from my almost empty bank account.....

am wondering:
- do i have to pay for the books and cd's that I never use?
- do i have to pay for the things that the college force us to borrow but we never use it?
- Is this happen cause of my own fault?????
- eeeee.... this is not happening... this is not happening... tomorrow I will have all the things back... (self denial...haha)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another game...

Well this time it is not a scary game but it is a game that can kill your brain cells... hehehe

If you like riddles then you'll like this game... here.. try it....Zahada Riddle

Go play everyone... and help me... i'm stuck at level 3.. hahaha... am so very shy to say that... I'm stuck at it for nearly 1 hour already...  really need some help...

edit: now at level 30... yay me... taking a break for a while.... 

Sunday, February 8, 2009

relaxing my mind...

I was wandering around youtube relaxing my mind and I stumble upon beyonce... hehehe

I just can't get enough of her... she always amaze me.... wonders if she is really singing live in this video....

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I'm going deaf??

Last night, I was at bolong's room. We are watching cartoon Kat-tun... We are having so much laugh and more and more laugh... It's good to laugh after all the agonizing pain I went through.  My headache tamed down. Then out of the blue we heard someone talking so loud. 

Guess who???

Its my roomate la ... sepa lg...  She is in my room of course and we can hear her clearly from the other room. She kept shouting and shouting. At this time I think she is really going crazy. Her voice is raising every second. Luckily enough my friend pija can understand what she is saying. So at least I know she is still sane.

She is having a BIG fight with her boyfriend. Pija translated only a small part la just so that we know why she is so mad. Its so bad for us to eavesdrop on her but its hard not to because her voice is can be heard from outside the room and even from outside the block. She shout and shout until she shout and sob and sob... I pity on her at that time but only for a while....

Now I'm writing this post with earphone on full blast volume of beyonce song and my roomate as usual is on the phone for God who knows how long. Even with the earphone I still can hear her. Why? because she kept asking me questions about march holiday.... even with her boyfriend on the other line she can still ask me a million question.... arrggghhhhhhhhhh....... 

I know lately my post are mostly about her.. I don't care... I just can't help it.... Everytime I wanted to post about something else she came into the picture... *blaaahhhh suka ati sa la mo tulis apa kan... suka2 ba...* 

P/S: S.O.S....a.s.a.p...... *hehe winks*

                                                                                                                                         -end of post-

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My life with a roomate..

It's been a while since I have my roomate. (I think 3 semester ago since my last roomate) After 7 semester in this college I have 5 roomates which 3 of them are just my temporary roomate. This time I have a roomate who really makes my final year in this college hard to endure. It is not lke I hate her or what but I just can't  stand it. Every minute and every second spend with her in this very room of mine seems like I'm trapped in a different time zone. (hahaha melampau la ba kan) My privacy is gone now..... Want to know why? Just continue reading....

Day 1 with roomate

Late night on last sunday she arrived. She opens the door and I smiled to her. She said hi to me and I said Hi back... (I'm nice aren't I?) So I just sat in front of my laptop playing pet society on facebook. She came with her sister in law who helped her to carry her things. Then she start to unpack her things. Keep in mind that I don't care what she do as long as she didn't cross the line. She cleaned her place up. Then she start asking questions:

-brapa lama u x mop blik? bnyk rmbt la.. (damn My hair mmg like dat ba always fall i cant help it. even if i mop everyday still will have hair lying on the floor). BUt I answer nicely la.. urrmmm lma suda x mop kali tu,....

- boleh sy on radio ka? My sister in law give me ba radio just now. (It's okay for me...) So I give her green light to on the radio.

- Eh kamu online ka? Kamu guna apa online? ( at that time she saw me online usin my cute lil maxis modem) me; Uuurmmm... guna ini la.... *pointing at the modem* 

- Brapa 1 bln kalo guna ini? .... me: 138

- Wah mahal la....(so i explain about the other alternative for her to online.. ) me: use this bla..bla..bla.. use celcom bla...bla..bla... 

- kamu x mau share ka? (eeeeerrrkkk i'm torn apart don't know what to answer) me: owh modem ini sy guna sementara sj lg i can't afford to pay so mahal. Lg pun now actually i share modem with my friends d blik seblh use LAN.

-aiya... tp kalo share ok jg ma... (I still don't want ba!!!!) me: ahhh... it's okay la if u really need to use internet I can let u use for a while la. but you use your own laptop la k..

-Waaaahhhh... banyak brg kamu ahhhh... bila kamu beli ini? (she point at my fridge. Hahaha.. i have mini kitchen in my room complete with rice cooker and heater and all the things i need to cook.) me: ya... lama suda but i didn't angkat from the stor yet.
- Bnyk ohhhhh.... nanti kamu blk mcm mana la? (I'm so lazy to converse so I try to answer minimaly haha.) me: biar saja la. tggl mcm itu saja.
- x jual or bg org ka? (isshhh... suda2 la ba tanya tu) me: no lah...

*at this point when she ask me too much question my ears mo jd panas da ni.. penat mo jwb2 ba.. i know she's being nice but i'm tired ba... it's almost 12 suda*

Enough with the questions if i am to write all the questions this post will have no end. After all that questions let me tell you about her telephone habit. She likes to talk on the phone using loudspeaker. I repeat she use LOUDSPEAKER speaking on the phone. aaaarrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh............ I know la I can't speak huayu like what she told her bf on the phone. But i'm not that dumb. I still can understand simple words. Why oh why must she talk on the loudspeaker. Combine the sound of her radio+her big voice+her bf voice on the loudspeaker= HEADACHE TO ME!!!!

Once again I'm being nice so I just let her talk maybe she misses him too much or what I dont know and I don't care la. I just continue playing game. Then suddenly baaammmmm... i'm in the dark. She switch of the light without telling me. Online a blind person can't see me still wide awake in front of my laptop. Why must she do that? Earlier I did ask her whether she like to sleep with the light off or not. It is okay with me if she wants to switch it off but dammnnnn... let me know so that I can switch on my reading light. Or just let me know for the sake of she knows that this is my room too and not hers. In the dark she is still on the phone and of course with loudspeaker.... 

Day2 with roomate

I woke up in the morning and i'm still in my room with her.. arrhghhh how i wish i woke up with my room back to normal... The whole day she is not in the room so its feels nice.. hahaha... but then the night come and there she is.. heehe... mcm hantu oh kan. So as usual i cook my dinner with the help of bolong. When I want to start cooking she said to me. "wahh lewat suda ni br mkn?" I malas want to ckp pjg lebar so I simply answer yes. While we are cooking she suddenly came up from behind us and stand between us poking her head in front of my pot. "Wahhhh suma pun ada... daging pun ada jg .. mmg mcm kitchen oh suda" (mmg la ba that's why i have fridge to simpan the daging and sayur2 if not what am i to cook???) Then after we finish cooking bolong went to wash the plates. 

Then she started talking again.... " Lewat suda ni br mkn nanti gemuk kalo mkn lewat... tengok kamu gemuk" (?&!*^@%^%#^^&@#! she said I'm fat!!! ) So i just say...mmmmmm.......  But then after we finish eating she ask whether she can tumpang my fridge or not. i'm still angry and terluka with the title gemuk she gave me but I'm so nice I give her green light again.

I'm so being nice to her by letting her use my things. I don't mind if she want to borrow my heater or anything as long as she asked first. When she said she want to use my heater I said okay but I didn't know that she want to use it to fill her 5 litre water bottle. She boil water 5 times in a row when my water is so sikit already. I'm dehidrating but she didn't realize that. UWAAaaaa I can't do things whatever and whenever I like to do anymore... my private life is gone.....

Day 3 with roomate

Woke up as usually and went to class.. As usual went to jog in the afternoon. Come back to hostel. Open the door... jeng..jeng.. jeng... She was sitting at my place onlne with her laptop. She unplugged the LAN cable from my laptop without my permission!!! What if I'm downloading something???? I will be very furious but luckily on that very day I didnt download anything. I said that she can only use the internet to find resources or anything academic. Strictly not for entertainment BUT SHE IS WATCHING YOUTUBE!!!. It is not that I don't want her to use it. But i'm the one who online almost 24/7. The reason why we ( me and my friends) apply for the maxis broadband is because internet is part of us.... hhaahaha... really feel something wrong if I was not online for even a day... 

I'm so good ... (hehehe) so I let her use it and i went to take shower. Then I want to cook but how am I to cook when she is using my table. where I cook of course. She just sat there and doing her ppt presentation while waiting for the youtube of course. I waited for 30 min. But she still didn't ask me whether i want to use my placce or not. 

Then..... the devil inside me came out.. instead of telling her to stop which I don't know and I hate to tell her. I ask bolong my neighbour to unplugged the LAN cable from the hub. hahahahahhaa... I'm soooooo EEVVVVIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLL......... but what to do I can't tahan anymore. I don't like to talk that's me. Anyway she is older than me. She should have more common sense. When I say she can borrow, she can .. but don't make it as her own... Don't treat my belongings like her own..... Or else I'm not the one who do the words thingy I take action. 

If this things become worst.... maybe I'll move to another room..... but for the time being I'm trying my best to adapt to my new environment.....

Owh... I forgot to tell that she like to poke her nose everywhere..... she always want to know what I was doing.... What I am doing online also she want to know.... there goes my private life.... HAHAHAHa... If she knows i blog about her... i'm dead!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Today is my last day holiday and I met NORIAJIDOUSHA-MAN.what is noriajidousha-Man??? hahaha.. it's my version of bus-man. You know like the j-drama densha otoko. (eeeh did i get that right?) So... here's the thing. I was on the bus this afternoon; from komtar to bukit jambul. After a few minutes the bus set off from the terminal I met with the noriajidousha-Man (N-man) haha..


from my silly scribblings above you can see that I sit opposite N-man. Mind you this rapid penang bus seats let you sit face to face eye to eye with the other passanger and I hate it. I don't know where to look. hahaha * nanti tesalah tingu susah lg*. So the off we go fro Komtar to BJ. Yeah. Not so long drive but many people are doozing off. Maybe cause its in the afternoon. Me myself almost zzzzzzzz.... but I manage not to. Lets talk about mr N-man now. it is not like densha otoko at all. He did'nt save me or anything. 

Its just N-man fall asleep on the bus.

Why i'm so 'kepoh' want to blog about people sleeping on the Bus????!!!


Not just a simple air liur meleleh di tepi2 mulut. This is drooling menitis2 d baju... So at that I time I thought. Hmmm okay pretend I didn't see anything. But the guy sitting beside me was laughing and mumbling something to his friend. Damn I can't stop looking at N-man. Poor him but urrrghhh I also don't know what to say... His clothes have a few big and small tompok2 ... (this is what I call pemetaan... hahaha) that I can still handle so here comes the big part... 
N-man awakes.....

SLURRRRPPPP>>>>> N-man menarik air liur yg pjg.....

I almost scream.. eeuuuwww at the very moment... but once again I manage to control my emotions. I have to get the image from my head fast....

-the end-

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tips and tricks for playing Hotel 626...

For those who haven't tried hotel626. Go.. now.. ehehe.. come back here if you get stuck....

First and foremost you must have flash. Then you can check in to the hotel by signing up. hehe...
anyway here it is: 

Level 1 - Only by confronting your darkest fears can you find the light.
This level is easy... just watch it and you'll get to the next level. It's just a movie.

Level 2 - One is not like the others.
In this level you are running on the hallway with lots of door. Look for a door that is different from the others. Just click on the door to enter. The last time I play the door have a red light beside it. You must be fast though before the dark shadows eat you up.

Level 3 - She lives in darkness, Show her the light.
This level you are required to take picure of the girl who runs around in the dark room. Again you must be fast you only have 9 shots I think. Try to get her picture when she is not running. Just keep on trying it is quite easy.

Level 4 - just in time
Well this level is quite the same with level 2. But this time you are running down the hallway. Be fast. Run down the stairway and just before you reach the bottom or when you see the dark shadow thingy click on the door. 

Level 5 - Sing me a lullaby.
Hoho.. This level really freaks me out. haha.. There are 2 variation in this level one is when you enable your mic and the other is of course when you disable your mic.

Mic enable - You will have to actually sing a lullaby for the demon spawn hell child in order to keep it from waking up. Make sure you sing it not to loud and not to soft or else it'll wake up. 

Mic disable - when you disable your mic it is quite tricky. you'll have to play a music box for the demon spawn hell child. Move your mouse around to play the music box. Again watch your speed or volume. The faster you move the mouse the louder the music will be. Watch out for the noise meter. You'll have to go through the lullaby twice to pass.

When you see the child is starting to get restless and move around slow down or else.....

After you put the child to sleep get out from the room. But queitly. Move your mouse left and right and try to keep your balance by looking at the ball icon. Make sure the ball icon is in the middle. Go to far to the left or right and you'll make loud footsteps and fall. SHHHH!!! 

Level 6 - helpless.
you are helpless you can't do anything right? just watch the movie. 

Level 7 - He knows the way.
This is the trickiest part for me. In order to get out from this room that will drive you insane, you'll have to listen to the damn creepy voices. The voices will say three words correspond to pictures on the wall. Count the red part on each picture. Enter the three number on the keypad to exit

Level 8 - Find yourself a way out.
The key to this level is just like what the wording says. If you have webcam enable earlier then you should be looking for a pic of yourself hanging on the lines.

Click out your face to get out of there. There's a time limit to this so you better be quick. Click on underneath the pic to go to the next row.

If you disable your webcam then no worries just find a snapshot pic of the hallway you ran before. click it to start.

Level 9 - Answer and you'll have the answers.
 Just listen to the directions and you'll be save. Easy rite?

Level 10 - Your check out time is now.
Congrats you made it out alive or did you?

There's nothing to do in this level except watch the cut scene.

That's all you need to do......

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hotel 626

It is rumored to be the scariest place on the web!!! 

Is it????

Check it out yourself.... Hotel626

It is a game not for the faint hearted of course and it can only be play start from 6pm to 6am. (You can play it earlier of course simply by resetting the time on your computer arond 6pm-6am.) I like to play it in the middle of the night with the lights of and earphone for better sound. Haha. Its pretty funny to capture my own reaction while playing this game....  Go to hotel626 if you dare......

*if you already played the game before or after you have played the game. Let me know what do you think about the game? Is it good enough to make your heart jump out from your body?? ^_^*

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Double Trouble..

Trouble #1

On my quiet afternoon today reading books and imagining things (haha)... Suddenly there's someone knocking on my door....

kok..kok..kok... *I'm trying to imitate the sound of some1 knocking..ahaks*
I open the door and there's a lady there smiling at me..

me: Yes?? (i put on my best smiling friendly face)
lady: uuurrmmm.... can I ask?
me: yes? (my head start to wonder)
lady: Is this room got one people or two.
me: urrmm... one.( I wanted to lie and say two but my mouth seems to misintepret the signal my brain send)
Lady: Oh..(seems very happy) Can I move in here? 
me: aahhh.. ok la... (i'm torn apart.. want to say no but yes but no but yes...*damn)
Lady: Hehe (smiling widely now) Thats nice... I want to move here instead of Rambai. So far and my room suppose to be at 4th floor. So high......
Me; hehehe.. ya.. lo.. 
Lady: So, do you have extra key?
Me: ermmm... sorry no... (Actually I do have but I'm too reluctant to have a roomate now)
Lady: hurmmm.... could you duplicate it for me... I will tell the hostel people later that I'm moving here...
Me: oh ok.. When do you want to move in? Cause I need to clear some of my stuff....
Lady: Urmmmm... Thursday la..
Me: So okay then....

There goes my no roomies again story. Now I have roomate. Not officially until this thursday. I'm not sure I can handle it though. Its been so long since I have a permanent roomate. My roomate only stays for a week or two then they blast off. hahaha...

We did exchange phone number and I gave to her the extra key later this afternoon. So much for the duplicating thingy... haha.. (Sorry I didn't mean to but it just slipped off my mind and I said it accidentally) Then, I met her again while I was doing my laundry.

Lady: hey....
Me: Hey... (smiling again)
Lady: are you malay? 
Me: No. I'm Dusun. 
Lady: .....(look confuse.) So u can eat....
Me: Oh... I'm a Christian.. (Now I know what she means)
Lady: hahaha... (half smiling half laughing) If Christian then sure can eat pork la.. hehe 
Me: ....(I just smile and laugh with her)

So much for the drama.. I clear her part of the room today... clearing stuff from her table and closet. ARghhh.... my room feels smaller now.... *I'll get use to it somehow..sigh*

Trouble #2

My neighbour came running to me and almost burst my door. She came running from her room and land on my messy bed. I was shocked. I asked her why?? Here's the another news that surprise me today. The practicum list is out and guess what. I still get the same school.... Where?
SK MINDEN HEIGHT of course... I was in hot water while i'm there last semester and yet I still have to go there.... arrgghhhhhhhhhhh......... another nightmare.... 
here's my some of my experience in SKMH

Well it is not that bad of course. The school is near and I'm use to the school environment. I know some of the teachers and students there advantage to me of course. But still it sends goosebumps to me to hear that I am going there again. I don;t know why. Maybe I;m just still nervous about this whole practicum thing. My surpervisor is Mdm Chew Ping Ping. I don't really know her yet but I hope she can help me a lot and I hope my friends who are going to the same school as me will give me enough cooperation to deal with the school and also the parents of course.

My happy no class tuesday was ruin today with all the news. So I guess I'm going to bed early today. Hope I don't have nightmares...