Sunday, March 22, 2009

Teacher WannaBe

My days during internship

This is me early in the morning. Do i look like an in service teacher? if you look closely behind me, you can see my roomate still sleeping lie a ****. haha. every morning i woke up around 5.30 am to get ready. Even though my school is extremely near to my college I still wake up oh-so-early. My typical day for 3 weeks in school is waking up early in the morning get ready and go to school. Reach school usually around 7.15 am put all my things in the staff room go to the office and fill in the register for pre service teacher. Go back to staff room and wait...and wait... sometimes i have to go to relief classes and sometimes i have my classes. Will go and take my brunch with Lai usually around 9.30 or 10.  Then when the clock is 12pm we have to leave the staff room or we'll be in trouble. hahaha.. (like cinderella oh kan) We then go to the library and spending the rest our time in school there or go to class. Why we have to leave the staff room at 12 is because the afternoon teacher is coming. We only 'tumpang' their place. So when the owner came we have to bllaaaah... School end at 1pm but we pre service teacher can only go back at 1.30 pm.. the very not fair :P 

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