Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Taking a L.E.A.P

After much thinking and deliberating, at last i gave in. I went to the office to meet the PPD. Have a chat with him. I voice out my intention to decline the post offered to me. But, they just won't accept it. Then, he asks me to go back to school and make up my mind. 

This decision making sucks everything out of me. I was so tense and I even fell sick because of too much stress. Well it’s me who makes thing complicated. Haha… *br tau kan… sepa suru talampau bepkir… It’s a major decision to make and it involves my career as a teacher. Am I ready? I am very afraid. Well it’s about going out of my comfort zone and challenging myself with new working environment.


Here I am now, sitting in the office taking a LEAP hoping that my legs are strong and long enough to take a big LEAP. 

2 cliks on the switch:

serra jo. said...

ko nda teaching suda mi?

Suis Rusak said...

for the time being nda suda... d ppd sda ni.. huhu..