Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bon Odori 2009


In the midst of my crazy hectic internship, me and my friends went to Bon Odori at esplanade penang. Bon Odori is japanese celebration also called as the festival of lanterns. Yeah it is the time where the girls wear 'kawaii' yukata (it's a light cotton kimono) to the festival like in the j-drama thingy.. hehe.. This celebration usually occurs during the summer and it involves people dancing around the 'yagura' (sort of a wooden stage in the middle)

~the dances~
It's an exciting experience. People walking around in their yukata, goldfish catching, the food (i luv them all but its soooo expensive..), and also there's the haunted classroom. I didn't manage to take pictures in yukata and also i couldn't go to the goldfish catching, people are crowding the place up until there aren't any space to squeeze in... sigh... but i manage to get into the haunted classroom after waiting in line for like 30 minutes. How was it??? hmmmmm... maybe my expectation is too high and expected it to be damn scary but it wasn't .... i feel like laughing the whole way out. hehe.. i guess the ghost is scared of me....-_-

~ Scary me??~
On the way back to our car; which we parked like so far because there's no more parking space near esplanade, we have took a detour and have a photo session ... hhahaa... armed with my very 'cikai' camera we took some pics to kill time... because there's too many car-traffic jam!! Due to the poor lighting and i use iso mode there's a lot of noise in the pics.. but whatever here's some.. Bolong and Pja are the model of the nite.. :p

Photobucket Photobucket
~ experimenting with lines~

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