Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tips and tricks for playing Hotel 626...

For those who haven't tried hotel626. Go.. now.. ehehe.. come back here if you get stuck....

First and foremost you must have flash. Then you can check in to the hotel by signing up. hehe...
anyway here it is: 

Level 1 - Only by confronting your darkest fears can you find the light.
This level is easy... just watch it and you'll get to the next level. It's just a movie.

Level 2 - One is not like the others.
In this level you are running on the hallway with lots of door. Look for a door that is different from the others. Just click on the door to enter. The last time I play the door have a red light beside it. You must be fast though before the dark shadows eat you up.

Level 3 - She lives in darkness, Show her the light.
This level you are required to take picure of the girl who runs around in the dark room. Again you must be fast you only have 9 shots I think. Try to get her picture when she is not running. Just keep on trying it is quite easy.

Level 4 - just in time
Well this level is quite the same with level 2. But this time you are running down the hallway. Be fast. Run down the stairway and just before you reach the bottom or when you see the dark shadow thingy click on the door. 

Level 5 - Sing me a lullaby.
Hoho.. This level really freaks me out. haha.. There are 2 variation in this level one is when you enable your mic and the other is of course when you disable your mic.

Mic enable - You will have to actually sing a lullaby for the demon spawn hell child in order to keep it from waking up. Make sure you sing it not to loud and not to soft or else it'll wake up. 

Mic disable - when you disable your mic it is quite tricky. you'll have to play a music box for the demon spawn hell child. Move your mouse around to play the music box. Again watch your speed or volume. The faster you move the mouse the louder the music will be. Watch out for the noise meter. You'll have to go through the lullaby twice to pass.

When you see the child is starting to get restless and move around slow down or else.....

After you put the child to sleep get out from the room. But queitly. Move your mouse left and right and try to keep your balance by looking at the ball icon. Make sure the ball icon is in the middle. Go to far to the left or right and you'll make loud footsteps and fall. SHHHH!!! 

Level 6 - helpless.
you are helpless you can't do anything right? just watch the movie. 

Level 7 - He knows the way.
This is the trickiest part for me. In order to get out from this room that will drive you insane, you'll have to listen to the damn creepy voices. The voices will say three words correspond to pictures on the wall. Count the red part on each picture. Enter the three number on the keypad to exit

Level 8 - Find yourself a way out.
The key to this level is just like what the wording says. If you have webcam enable earlier then you should be looking for a pic of yourself hanging on the lines.

Click out your face to get out of there. There's a time limit to this so you better be quick. Click on underneath the pic to go to the next row.

If you disable your webcam then no worries just find a snapshot pic of the hallway you ran before. click it to start.

Level 9 - Answer and you'll have the answers.
 Just listen to the directions and you'll be save. Easy rite?

Level 10 - Your check out time is now.
Congrats you made it out alive or did you?

There's nothing to do in this level except watch the cut scene.

That's all you need to do......

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