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From an old world view- to a new.. *cont ..part 2..

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'I am the future's child'

In my secondary courses, we will study the effect on the world's environment of human activity like transport - trucks, aeroplanes, ships, but especially family cars. every newly developed country wants its own car industry, and every middle-class family wants to own at least one vehicle. Yet car emissions are changing the climate patterns around the world; our cars are changing other people's weather.

Half billion people in Asian countries are muddle class like me, and they have the same consumer patterns and the same attitudes as the middle class everywhere in the world.

By the time I am in my twenties, world oil population will decline because the known stocks of fossil fuel are being exhausted. Power stations as you know them will not last for much longer. After next decade, world demand of petrol will be going up while the production of oil is going down. Where does that leave me?

There will be urgent international action in my lifetime to limit the size of the world's population. When we entered the twenty-first century, there were 6 billion people alive in the world. A hundred years earlier, at the start of the twentieth century, there were jus t 1.6 bilion people on the planet. Almost exactly that number of the present population live in absolute poverty; and only one billion of the world's people can be confident of having three meals a day.

By the time I am 30 years old, world grain production will have become a problem. China alone will need to import around 370 million tonnes of grain annually, yet in 1995 the entire world exports of grain amounted to around 200 million tonnes.

In my lifetime, the world's super-cities could become almost unliveable, the home of only the chronically poor who do not have the personal resources to move out of them. In 1950s, when my grandmother was born, only two cities in the world, London and New York, had more than 8 million inhabitants, and each was called a megalopolis. I 2015, there will be about thirty-four such cities, half of them in Asia. 

When I get to secondary school, the old confrontation between capitalism and marxism will be largely over, as well as the so-called industrial economy which produced it. The re-aligning of politics and parties is resulting in new political processes and coalitions actoss the world. Politics, parliaments, and governments will look different from what they are now.

I am told that this year there are in the world 190 million malnourished children under the age of 5; half of the, live in South Asia. By the time I am an adult, there will be at least the beginnings of a world-wide social welfare scheme, to which my country will be required to make contributions in money, personnel and facilities. The 'basic human needs' to be target for everyone in the world include:access to at least primary school schooling; access to health care; clean drinking water; satisfactory sanitation; immunization of all children; access to family planning services universal adult literacy; elimination of severe malnutrition; adn radically reducing maternal mortality (death in child-birth)
to be continue...

Beare, H (2001) 'From an Old world-view to a new' Creating the future school, Routledge Falmer, London pp11-12.

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