Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!!!!

Goodbye 2008 and Hello 2009!!!

Sure there are bad times and not so good times in 2008 but we should never forget about the good and happy times right? Well like my fortune cookies that i've got says .....

Happy memories are forever. Relive it whenever you want.

New year resolution anyone? for me:

I always have one but this year i'm trying hard to fulfill the previous resolution that i never manage to keep....
Anyway whatever it is, i'm sure everyone wish for a better year ahead and want to improve everything that we are not satisfied with. Some people say no turning back but I sometimes still turn back to look back what I have been through and try not to repeat what I did wrong but what can I do i'm only human. I tend to repeat mistakes. So I wish you all Happy New Year! Have a joyous, wonderful, prosperous, healthy, and adventerous year........
*am goin' back to college on 4th Jan.. :( *

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