Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Double Trouble..

Trouble #1

On my quiet afternoon today reading books and imagining things (haha)... Suddenly there's someone knocking on my door....

kok..kok..kok... *I'm trying to imitate the sound of some1 knocking..ahaks*
I open the door and there's a lady there smiling at me..

me: Yes?? (i put on my best smiling friendly face)
lady: uuurrmmm.... can I ask?
me: yes? (my head start to wonder)
lady: Is this room got one people or two.
me: urrmm... one.( I wanted to lie and say two but my mouth seems to misintepret the signal my brain send)
Lady: Oh..(seems very happy) Can I move in here? 
me: aahhh.. ok la... (i'm torn apart.. want to say no but yes but no but yes...*damn)
Lady: Hehe (smiling widely now) Thats nice... I want to move here instead of Rambai. So far and my room suppose to be at 4th floor. So high......
Me; hehehe.. ya.. lo.. 
Lady: So, do you have extra key?
Me: ermmm... sorry no... (Actually I do have but I'm too reluctant to have a roomate now)
Lady: hurmmm.... could you duplicate it for me... I will tell the hostel people later that I'm moving here...
Me: oh ok.. When do you want to move in? Cause I need to clear some of my stuff....
Lady: Urmmmm... Thursday la..
Me: So okay then....

There goes my no roomies again story. Now I have roomate. Not officially until this thursday. I'm not sure I can handle it though. Its been so long since I have a permanent roomate. My roomate only stays for a week or two then they blast off. hahaha...

We did exchange phone number and I gave to her the extra key later this afternoon. So much for the duplicating thingy... haha.. (Sorry I didn't mean to but it just slipped off my mind and I said it accidentally) Then, I met her again while I was doing my laundry.

Lady: hey....
Me: Hey... (smiling again)
Lady: are you malay? 
Me: No. I'm Dusun. 
Lady: .....(look confuse.) So u can eat....
Me: Oh... I'm a Christian.. (Now I know what she means)
Lady: hahaha... (half smiling half laughing) If Christian then sure can eat pork la.. hehe 
Me: ....(I just smile and laugh with her)

So much for the drama.. I clear her part of the room today... clearing stuff from her table and closet. ARghhh.... my room feels smaller now.... *I'll get use to it somehow..sigh*

Trouble #2

My neighbour came running to me and almost burst my door. She came running from her room and land on my messy bed. I was shocked. I asked her why?? Here's the another news that surprise me today. The practicum list is out and guess what. I still get the same school.... Where?
SK MINDEN HEIGHT of course... I was in hot water while i'm there last semester and yet I still have to go there.... arrgghhhhhhhhhhh......... another nightmare.... 
here's my some of my experience in SKMH

Well it is not that bad of course. The school is near and I'm use to the school environment. I know some of the teachers and students there advantage to me of course. But still it sends goosebumps to me to hear that I am going there again. I don;t know why. Maybe I;m just still nervous about this whole practicum thing. My surpervisor is Mdm Chew Ping Ping. I don't really know her yet but I hope she can help me a lot and I hope my friends who are going to the same school as me will give me enough cooperation to deal with the school and also the parents of course.

My happy no class tuesday was ruin today with all the news. So I guess I'm going to bed early today. Hope I don't have nightmares...

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