Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Monday Blues.

Phew. I woke up today on the wrong side of the bed and the rest of the day is not a beautiful Monday for me. I woke up in Penang yesterday and yes I woke up early. It’s only 4.30 a.m when I woke up. I open my eyes and started to think where am I? haha. . I know where I am in my hostel room la. Well I am so malas today . That’s the first word came in my mind but even though malas I still have to wake up because it is Monday!!!! I have to go to classsssss………dammmmmmnnnn…… I AM SOOOO MALAS!!! I have to wake up early some more cause I haven’t unpack my things yet. My journey back from kk to penang is so dreadful and I have headache since then that’s why I can’t do anything. (hehehe padahal alas an jak ma)

Iklan jap…. *this is the story of my journey to Penang*(ahahahahaha………….)

On Sunday morning, I reached the airport and wanted to check in and I’m so surprise that the queue for Penang is so damn long and hardly move. Want to know why? Because the air asia only open 1 counter for Penang. It’s nearly 6.30am and the queue is still long. (I’m suppose to fly at 7am) So me and my friend Bolong didn’t want to queue. Why? Cause we know sooner or later the counter for Miri will close and they will open the counter for Penang. Everything went as we predicted …. Hahaha… we manage to check in before all the people who have been queuing for a long time…. WE ARE LUCKY! Yay!.... by the time we check in it is 6.45am but there are still lots of people who need to check in. So sure delay la ba kan…. Haishhhh…. So after saying goodbye to my parents its time for me to board the plane. Yeah. For anyone who had use airasia before it is a tough battle or race to board the plane. Hahaha… Before the gate even open people will line up 20 min or even 30 min before. Sepa cepat dia dapat la kan…. So we also have to bersaing hebat to get in the line… Some people will push and langgar people with their hand luggage. I’m pissed but bersabar jak la. With proper clothes and proper shoes (means no heels haahaha) we manage to get in the plane early. Yay to us again!

During the flight I wanted to buy mineral water but i hesitate so I decide not to. This is the decision I regret so much. After the plane take off I sleep like a sleeping beauty*hahaha* but then suddenly 'jln grabel' in the air (wujud ka term bgitu ahhh?) The plane went through bad whether. At that time my head went crazy its hurt like hell and i have trouble breathing some more... I want to drink but no water... dammmnnnn! *tula sa mo bli air tp pastu kensel na sendri mo tau la* If only I buy mineral water mist sa tia brapa paning tu... So the headache went on until we touch down and until I reach my college.

Okay now it is clear why i can't unpack my things and tidy up my room. hahahahaha... What really bad happen today i fell down today and scracth my knee. *Jatuh longkang kici jak ba... ngingis jg la lutut sa.... tp sakit ba.....* There are more series of unfortunate things happening to me today but i dont want to eloborate more. Nanti more bad luck ba. HEHEHEHEHE.......

*this is a late post.... i repeat this is a late post....*

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