Tuesday, January 13, 2009

No roomies again. *Phew*

Yesterday is the registration day for new students. So I may have roomate this time but still no roomate for me this semester. Lucky Me! cause I can have the whole room for me and it is good for my ever growing collection of things i have here. This is my final year in this college and my stuff here are more than my stuff i have back home. Hahaha..  I have the habit of keeping things that i rarely use or don't use anymore. (Don't blame me this habit runs in my family. :p) 
Second week after school reopens but i still haven't finish unpacking my things even worse some are still in the store room which is now where the new KPLI students sleep. Pity on themla... but they have to move out after 1 week orientation plus their allowance is double our allowance. So let them suffer for a bit.... *hehehehe*with evil grin**...

Since I don't have roomate. I talk with my stuff... *EEhhhhh..Nande???* cos my baka'ness level is HIGH...


Hey Mr.BIntanG. I can hear beyonce singing from you. "If I were a boy...." Then suddenly.... @#$#$&%(#*&& some chinese song I don't know... Then again... AAHAHHHAHAHHAHhhhhh... some tamil song .... Arrgggghhhh I'll poke your eyes Mr.Bintang.....  

huhahahaha..... Mr.Bintang is my radio. I don't know what's happening to him but he kept on changing the radio station. Makes me want to poke his eyes even more to change the station of course... *mcm dlm gua ba sni ni... radio pun pndai sot2 pa lg line tlepon pun pndai ilang2 jg....*

My DVD collection

This is another bad habit of mine. I can't resist Tesco temptation of selling affordable DVDs ahahahaa... What DVD? here it is........

I laugh at myself when i saw my collection. There's more at home. Since I stopped my gym membership at celebrity fitness these dvds help me to get in shape. (haha kunun la) Exercising is a must in my daily routine cause after 2 months holiday. I gain almost 5 kg. It's the season to be jolly not to be gluttony. But still so many food during the festive season. I'm happy. So I eat. Yay Me!

My Knitting project

Since early December until now still haven't completed this. HAHAHA.

My loyal friend this year

Guess who? It's my Buku Rekod Persediaan Mengajar.Photobucket 
With 6 weeks internship this semester and another 12 weeks next semester i'm sure my hand will go numb writing all those lesson plans. Can't wait to go internship but still a little bit nervous of course. This semester internship will start on february.

CNY is around the corner

Yeap. CNY is coming but im not going back home. I plan to go to KL but then again the bus ticket price is sky-high my plan cancelled. So I celebrate CNY alone again this year. Like every year went to tesco and buy myself a box of mandarin oranges. I still don;t have any plans this coming CNY hols. Maybe i'll just do my open room myself again this year. 

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sHeiLa said...

hey amy..hehe, when u said about 'open room' for CNY, suddenly i remembered ur sis also did the same thing during our Uni..mentang2 she stay alone at the spacious new hostel kan, punya siok kami begumbira di bilik dia..hahahahahaa..

eimi.mitsuko said...

hehe.. ya ba.. ada sa nampak gmbr2 kamurang tu... huhuuhu.. after kamurang grad kan i've been so bored ni cni.. makin bnyk suda budak usm yg sa tia kanal ni..