Monday, January 19, 2009

Have you ever imagine?

Have you ever imagine that you are talking on the phone with the one you love and care about and then suddenly .... VY&%@$%^%F&*..... the line went dead... What will you think? How will You feel? 

This what my colleague went through last monday. He was talking with his dad on the phone. His mom and dad is on their way back from sending his brother to school or college.(i'm not sure) Then while having a conversation with his dad. Suddenly there's a loud bang and tyre screeching. And the rest is history. His parents car was hit by another car from the nearest lane. Sadly enough it is not his dad who cause the accident. The car that hit them actually collided with another car on the right lane. When the car skidded to the left it hit his dad car. He is helpless and can't think of anything. All he can do is just wait a call from someone for he can't contact his parents anymore. When he got a call. They told him that his dad was gone and his mother is in critical condition. He drive back to his hometown the same day with some of my other colleague to accompany him. 

Today I saw him in class with dark circles around his eyes and his face is not as bright as he always do. The pain that he been through are reflected through his eyes. Eventhough he smiles and act normal but we all know he is still in the process of recovery. I heard that he will go back to his hometown again. Because his mother is still in critical condition with few broken ribs and the rest I'm not sure myself. 

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