Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Shadow Gang Journey to Penang

*old entry.. lupa post... hahaha

First time in my life i don't have school holiday! It wasn't so bad after all. padahal kasi sinang-sinang ati jak ma... Went back to Penang last holiday. A very interesting journey indeed.

It's been 3 years since I left Penang and posted in Kota Marudu. Penang full of awesome memories! Friends, college, food etc...etc.... I miss all of them. Anyway, went to Penang for training. Hahahhaa... This is a decision made by impulse. I don't know how or when I can rationalize this but I actually dreamt about this loooonnnnnnngggg time ago. When I was still in college and was an active gym member.

I always wonder how to became an instructor and the opportunity came... tadaaaaa..... so I wiggle myself to Zumba B1 instructor training in Zero fitness dance studio Penang. Hahaha... Have lots of fun during training. Met new friends. But me just being me, i'm just a wallpaper... and very shy... so i just stand at the back row and became part of the shadow gang. Haha...

^meet the shadow gang!^

Have lots of fun during the training. The training with ZES David Veles makes you forget you are working out. But without the help from Shaklee energy tea which i paksa my sister to buy for me I will collapsed during the training. Hahaha... it is super high intensity . But it also because i'm not in the desirable physical state to be an instuctor. Pannnncccciiiitttt baa.... kapus2 suda ni... nasib baik ada jg jogging2 skit few months before the training kalau nda mist 10 minit jak suda kapisan...
me with David Velez. Comel kan kami.

Then, I manage to find time to jln2 arnd maktab. Padahal tinggal d recsam sj which is seblah maktab sj ok. Maktab memang banyak upgrade and i even sesat mencari jalan kluar. Hahaha... the main gate we always use suda tutup. Mo cari gate baru punya la macam sakai. hahahaha... I even go through jalan yang suda berumput panjang. Nasib baik teda urang nampak kalo nda misti kana tangkap pak cik guard suda. hahaha...

Hebat suda pintu gate maktab sikalang.

And I even visit my favourite shop. Kedai Uncle! hhehehe... Uncle2 still remember me. They said "Amy, u suda gemoookkk. Mana kwn u lg satu?" Really brings back memories. I miss kacau2 uncle during school holiday. Uncle even remembers my fav drink that i always buy during maktab time. He went to the fridge and said "Nah, i know your fav is coffea." Yay! uncle belanja me!

Me with uncle Recsam. Uncle muda only. Uncle tua suda balik.

A very enjoyable journey indeed. The end.

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