Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Game Over

Right after I posted the entry about how i move on after all that i been through. Suddenly he-who-once-shall-not-be-name came back out of nowhere and decide to play with my heart and emotions again. Saying all that stuff on how he miss me, how he love me, how he miss our happy time together. It's making me weak and weaker by each words. I do remember all those memories; sweet and bitter. But that's all only words and it is not shown by his action which is he is still living with another girl. Trying to win my heart back but in the same time still want to be with someone else. WHAT???!!

Well, enough is enough. I can't go through all those pain anymore it's getting worser every second since the last 3 years he started to play this game. He change a lot. Yes he did. I loved him but not anymore. The pain he causes me is unbearable. I can't play in the game anymore. Game Over. No more players.
- NO THANKS.....-

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