Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Taking a break

I'm taking a break from facebook for a while. It's kinda clear my head and at the same time realize that the world is just the same with or without facebook. It still goes around. I also realize that it is a habit of mine to check on my phone like every 5 minutes. That is bad! The moment I pick up my phone my thumb is like auto piloting itself to hit the facebook app. 

Is it a sign of becoming Digital Zombies? Oh my. 

Come to think of it. Whenever I look around me there will always be someone who kept staring at their phone constantly. With the whatsapp group disease becoming more critical where everyone wants to create a group and everything need to have a group. Sorry to say but even my higher authorities in the office is constantly staring at their smart phone even during meetings. I do understand that they have to keep themselves updated on what is going on with their workers but the meetings or workshop is important too. At least look at the phone once in a while or when there is something urgent. But not all the time. 

Well nobody can escape from using smart phone but we still need to be smarter and be in control of our smart phone. 

2 cliks on the switch:

Joan said...

tau takpe...suruh dorang pigi retreat..no smartphones retreat..baru tau

Suis Rusak said...

tula pasal... len kali mo ada no smartphones retreat utk yg ada ciri2 digital zombies..