Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Forgot how To flirt!

Haha... what a statement!

After breaking up from a long term relationship. Amazing 10 years ba.. Amazing la mangkali kan.. haha... Being cheated not only once but five times and i still stay loyal and faithful to him. Makes me ask myself "What am i thinking??!!" Giving him so many chances and hoping for him to change is like wishing for the cloud turn into cotton candy! I'm relieved i made that decision and i'm not going to fall back to that situation again. Even when he keep on talking sweet things trying to win my heart back. But hell to the no! I'm not gonna fall into that again! Ever! I Loved him, and that is in past tense because i'm looking forward for the future. Because I know my knight in bright shiny armour will come and make me happy and will take care of me better than him. Yeehaa!

Since I bombarded the door to my heart with bazooka, it's now open and i'm ready to accept those who are lining up waiting for me. Dooooiiiiiiiii..... punya perasannnnnn! But it's true ba! And recently I realize the long 10 years of closed door almost make me forgot the feeling to be cared and to flirt! haha...

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Debbie Annabell said...

Haha.. the feeling is great.. welcome to the club amoo.. haha..