Thursday, December 12, 2013

My fitness Journey: Going round and round

Officially i'm a Zumba instructor yang gemuk. haha. I've been struggling to get back into shape since last year. Since posted to school, I gain approximately 15 kilos and around 5 inches around every part of my body... macam belon pula mengembang ni...

I start to jog but then the spirit fade away. I start skipping but then last only 2 weeks. Then I tried ZUMBA. I love it. I'm a fan of any aerobic exercises. apa lagi kalo yang banyak booty shaking and hips movement. uuuuuuhhhh I'm so sexy! Deylang... hahaha.... but.... There's no ZUMBA classes in Kota Marudu. But that doesn't keep my spirit down. I travel back to my hometown as many time as i could for the sake of ZUMBA!Dengan semangat berkobar-kobar untuk ZUMBA.... I register myself for instructor training.

The above rantings is from last year! Dang it. I failed big time in writing a decent post in my blog.

It's now december 2013 for goodness sake and my fitness journey is still in the same spot. Haha... It's like i'm going round and round in a circle.

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